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Liverpool John Moores University Partners with Unicaf for Bring Online Study 2022



Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has partnered with Unicaf to offer online courses. That will allow students to earn credits toward their degrees without being on campus. This way, international students can study online from any location. And students in the UK can study online at their own pace. Students can also choose to complete their entire degree online with LJMU’s new self-paced program. These programs were created in response to rising student demand for more flexible education options. As well as growing recognition of the value of studying remotely in an increasingly interconnected world.

Liverpool John Moores University

Online learning platform Unicaf has teamed up with Liverpool John Moores University to bring online study opportunities to students all over the world. Working closely with the college, Unicaf will provide tailored online courses and certification options to help students pursue their academic goals wherever they want, whenever they want.

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has partnered with Unicaf, one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of online educational opportunities, to bring students another option for pursuing their higher education goals. As part of this partnership, Unicaf will work with LJMU to provide online courses that are designed to complement the university’s curriculum and provide students with learning opportunities they couldn’t otherwise obtain through traditional learning methods.

About Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University is a public university founded in 1825, located in Liverpool, England. The university has more than 21,000 students and 3,000 staff members across all four of its campuses. Liverpool John Moores University was rated as excellent by Ofsted in 2012; and more recently has been awarded gold status for its BSc Nursing & Midwifery degree course by the teaching excellence body QAA.

LJMU is a teaching university and all of its degrees are validate by the independent QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education). It has 21,000 students on campus and online. It also welcomes more than 6,000 international students from over 135 countries every year. The university offers an extensive range of study options at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels – including more than 200 programs – across nine schools: Arts; Business; Computing & IT; Engineering & Built Environment; Health & Life Sciences; Humanities; Management & Law; Science and Sport.

Why Study Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University is committed to providing students with a high-quality learning experience regardless of their location. Therefore, the university offers flexible online study options that allow students to continue working while studying—and provides everything you need for academic success. Meanwhile, you can even earn a bachelor’s degree in just one year by attending classes 100% online and completing an accelerated program!

Liverpool John Moores University offers a wide range of online bachelor’s degrees. The university’s online study options—including online classroom programs, online accelerated programs, and online individualized studies—give students flexibility over their learning schedule while allowing them to complete degrees in one year or less!

In addition, Liverpool John Moores University provides an engaging and interactive digital experience that allows you to connect with instructors and peers around the world as well as participate in self-paced courses. You’ll be connected with faculty members who are highly qualified professionals within their fields. You’ll also have access to on-campus resources such as career counseling services and tutoring when needed.

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About Unicaf

Unicef’s mission is simple: we want everyone in the world who wants a better education to have access to one. The powerful online platform that Unicaf provides allows students of all ages and stages of life—even students who might not otherwise be able to go back or finish their degrees—to access high-quality courses from institutions like Liverpool John Moores University.

By becoming an official partner, Unicaf has made it possible for those students interested in studying at LJMU from anywhere in the world—whether they have previous formal training or just a natural curiosity about a subject. To find out more about how you can study online with Unicaf Liverpool John Moores University and LJMU, get in touch today!

Why Study with Unicaf?

More and more universities are realizing that offering online study opportunities is a vital tool in recruiting top-tier students and preparing for an increasingly digital world. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has announced its partnership with Unicaf, an online learning platform with over 15 years of experience in providing quality higher education options.

LJMU’s strategic move comes at a time when there is ever-increasing pressure on students to manage their time while excelling academically, both in and out of school. The partnership with Unicaf will allow thousands of students access to high-quality UK education they might not otherwise have been able to afford or take advantage of.

Courses offered online

Liverpool John Moores University is working in collaboration with Unicaf in the following program areas:

Scholarship Eligibility

However, for you to study at the Liverpool John Moores University, you must have to be eligible for the scholarship. Therefore, we are going to give you the best steps to follow to be eligible for the scholarship.

Unicaf considers candidates for a scholarship based on:

  • Academic qualifications: Candidates should meet the entry requirements of the respective program of study.
  • Financial ability: Candidates should be in a position to pay the remaining portion of the fees after you have apply the scholarship.
  • Country of Residence: Different scholarships applies depending on the country of residence of the student.

How do I apply?

The first step is to apply for admissions. All you need is your secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent qualification. If you don’t have a degree but have experience relevant to your chosen subject area, we can also consider applications from mature students (over 21 years old). Finally, if you want to study at the undergraduate level but aren’t sure what subject area is best for you. Why not try our Discover program? This involves taking classes in a number of different subjects before deciding which one will lead to an honors degree in your chosen field. You don’t pay any extra fees and Discover courses won’t count towards any further qualifications. APPLY NOW

In Conclusion

However, it can be difficult for students who are interest in an online study to find quality education options. Meanwhile, at Liverpool John Moores University, we’re committed to providing our students with online study opportunities that are high-quality and diverse.

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Thanks to our partnership with Unicaf, we’re now able to offer courses from a variety of disciplines across multiple institutions. We believe that these opportunities will benefit both currents. And prospective LJMU students by giving them greater flexibility when choosing their coursework. Good luck!

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