Best Companies Sponsoring Farming Jobs in Australia ? in 2022...
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Best Companies Sponsoring Farming Jobs in Australia ? in 2022



If you are about to embark on an agricultural adventure, you will be happy to know that there are numerous companies out there that sponsor farming jobs in Australia. These companies have different focuses, from large corporations to startup operations, so it’s up to you to decide which one might work best for your particular needs. The following list of the best companies sponsoring farming jobs in Australia in 2022 might help narrow down your choices.

Sponsoring Farming Jobs in Australia

Each year, many people leave the urban areas of Australia to return to the farm, where they can work the land and earn an honest living. If you’re one of these people, you may be wondering what companies in Australia are sponsoring farming jobs so that you can find reliable employment in a stable industry. Well, look no further, because this article lists several great companies that are currently recruiting for farming jobs in Australia.

What are Farming Jobs?

A farming job is any job that a farmer or rancher hires workers to help perform. These jobs include working on an actual farm, either planting, harvesting, or caring for livestock like cattle and pigs. In addition to these jobs, it is common for farmers and ranchers to hire employees to assist with record-keeping and marketing their products. All of these different positions can be classified as farming jobs.

Farming jobs are rare but they do exist and you should definitely consider them if you’re interested in working on a farm. Most farms require that you be able to lift heavy objects, such as livestock, so most of these jobs will involve animal husbandry—at least during your first few months of employment. In order to secure a position, you’ll have to apply for an International Work Permit. This can be obtained by providing proof that you can speak English and live in Australia before taking up any work on a farm. Once your permit is approved, it can take six months or more to receive it.

Farming Jobs In Australia Choosing between fruit picking, dairy farming, banana farming, or other seasonal work is a good idea if you’d like to explore the country’s unique agricultural landscape. While dairy farming may dominate the job listings, you’ll be able to find plenty of other opportunities throughout the year. You’ll also find out which seasons are the best for working on a farm. Here are some of the best times of year to apply for a farming job in Australia.

About Sponsorship Farming

As more and more Australians go to work on farms, there are likely to be changes coming to agricultural sponsorship regulations. Currently, many large corporations sponsor farming jobs; however, as agriculture becomes more mechanized, there are likely to be fewer workers needed. Many of these sponsorships will likely change over time into broader forms of sponsorship; instead of sponsoring an individual farmer or farm job, corporations may begin sponsoring educational programs that teach people how to get into farming.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; many people look at sponsorships as investments in long-term relationships. No matter what form they take, if you’re looking for work in farming it’s important to understand why your employer is sponsoring you so that you can make sure your skills match what they’re looking for.

Best Companies Sponsoring Farming Jobs in Australia

It is important to note that companies have limited resources, so hiring more employees will lead to less time to spend with current employees and take time away from the company’s core strengths. It is up to you as an individual to make sure you are qualified enough to contribute something meaningful and make it worth the company’s while to hire you at all, regardless of whether they are willing to sponsor your visa or not. Here are some of the best companies sponsoring farming jobs in Australia in 2022.

Be sure to check them out!

1). Senior Farm Hand

Best Farms to work for – When you’re looking to work on a farm in Australia, there are a number of things you want to keep an eye out for. A senior farm hand is responsible for supervising junior staff, keeping machines working, and generally keeping an eye on everyone’s safety.

They make sure all employees meet production quotas or have extra help if needed. You’ll be operating heavy machinery like tractors and must be knowledgeable about animal care and general farm upkeep. In return for your hard work, salaries can reach up to $532 AUD per week (average salary)! Continue Reading ?

2). Maintenance Fitter

If you’re a tech-savvy individual who thrives under pressure, then a maintenance fitter job might be ideal for you. If you have no work experience but want to make farming your career, don’t worry; many of these positions have very little experience required and it’s possible to learn on the job.

Good mechanical skills are also an absolute must; if you can handle heavy machinery with ease and knowledge, then there’s definitely a spot for you in agriculture! Continue Reading ?

3). Farm Hand

You will do a lot of physical work, so you need to be physically active and energetic. They need to be able to lift and carry heavy loads and you’ll have to work outside, so it’s important that you don’t get cold easily. You also need to enjoy being outdoors as most of your job will involve working on farms and/or ranches.

Handyman: Working as a handyman may require some specific skills like electrical or plumbing knowledge depending on what type of home maintenance services you provide, but for many businesses, there are no qualifications required at all. Continue Reading ?

4). Dairy Farm Hand

Dairy Farm Hand is a job title given to farmhands that are responsible for looking after dairy cows and other animals on a farm. In exchange for their work, dairy farm hands are paid a weekly wage that usually ranges from $300-$1000+ per week depending on how many hours they work.

Although Dairy Farm Hands don’t require formal education or training, they must understand basic animal husbandry procedures and have experience around livestock animals; employers also prefer candidates with formal safety training. Dairy Farm Hands must be friendly and patient with people while being firm but fair when working with animals. Continue Reading ?

5). Research Feedlot Farmhand

A feedlot is a facility where livestock is raised in confinement and fed an exclusive diet of grain to increase their weight before slaughter. Feedlots have been criticized by consumer groups due to animal health and welfare concerns, as well as environmental issues relating to excessive consumption of water, energy, land use, and pollution; however, proponents claim that modern production methods make up for any issues.

If you want to be a farmer then you need experience working on a feedlot farm. To do so join Best Companies today! Continue Reading ?

6). 3 x Farms Assistant

Medium-sized firms with assets between $100k and $500k and which grow mainly grains, canola, wheat or lupins are looking for people to work as assistants. Roles vary depending on the job description but all require at least a high school qualification and basic IT skills. A Farm Assistant is required to assist and train farm workers, perform general duties around a farm such as maintenance of farm equipment; perform jobs that can be categorized into any of three broad areas: crop production (planting and harvesting); livestock care (feedlot tasks); or general farm maintenance (haymaking). Most importantly you need to have good communication skills with both animals and people.

This role is based around Gippsland and applicants need to be willing to travel between farms. As a Farms Assistant, you’ll need to be flexible with your working hours as you may be required to work weekends or late at night when there are peak periods of farming activity. There will also be a degree of heavy lifting involved. Some tasks will include feeding, mucking out, and milking animals; general maintenance; stock handling including transport and drafting; fencing repairs; load-carrying using farm equipment such as tractors and quad bikes; harvesting activities such as thinning, topping, and stubble burning. Employees are usually offered piece rates but must complete all training first. Experience in farming is advantageous but not essential. Continue Reading ?

Here is the best place to get more information About Farming in Australia:


Although it’s not as well-known as mining or finance, farming has a critical role to play in Australia’s economy. According to IBISWorld, there are 1,380 businesses operating in the Australian farming industry, employing a total of 35,040 people. These businesses generated $13 billion in revenue last year alone and contributed more than $9 billion to exports.

What’s more impressive is that every one of these statistics is growing year on year. With so much potential for growth and profitability within Australian agriculture, it’s no wonder why so many companies are putting money towards establishing themselves within agricultural operations. So which companies stand out as the best sponsors? Let me know in the comment section…

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