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Canadian Jobs for Labor and Engineering – Submit CV to Apply Now for Free



Apply for high-paying Canadian jobs in 2023 that are only open to international applicants such as recent graduates, international students, and skilled/experienced professionals. Thousands of job openings in various Canadian provinces are available for final recruitment.

Canadian Jobs for Labor and Engineering

Canada is a country with a diverse range of well-paying jobs in all of its provinces that are not only suitable for work but also for living. Canada has become the most popular destination for immigrants because it offers numerous benefits, including security and health care. You can also obtain permanent residency in this country. The Canadian government strongly supports international workers and has established numerous programs to assist them in entering the country and working there.

Canada has jobs in almost every sector, and because not many Canadians work in these jobs, there is a high demand for international workers. If you have the necessary skills and experience, you can earn a good living in any of these jobs. Surgeons/Doctors, Lawyers, Web Developers, and Software Engineers come to mind when thinking about high-paying jobs, but industries such as construction, mining, oil, and gas are also thriving. Anyone working in these fields can earn a good living and live a comfortable life. Although salary is important in a job, your passion for the field is equally important.

About Canadian Jobs

Applicants looking for work in Canada now have the opportunity to apply for high-paying Canadian Engineering and Labor Jobs in 2022. Join our Google Groups to get the winning preferences for Exclusive Jobs. Companies in Canada are attempting to fill job openings with talented people from all over the world. There has been a recent shortage of workers and engineers in Canadian companies and industries, which means you have a good chance of getting hired there.

Canada is one of the countries that always values international talent and encourages international students to apply for job openings in various sectors. Similarly, hundreds of multinational corporations with operations in Canada have advertised job openings for experienced, recent graduates, and qualified engineers who can contribute to the industry through their talents, skills, work ethics, and expertise.

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If you are an international applicant looking to work as an engineer in Canada, look through the job opportunities listed below, which include the required GPA scores and salary ranges.

Salary and Benefits Packages for Canadian Engineers:

Working as an engineer in Canada not only guarantees a secure future and high salaries, but it also provides additional sponsorship coverage for the rest of one’s life.

The following are the advantages of engineering jobs in Canada:

  • Dental and Medical Insurance
  • Pension Funds
  • Pensions are generous.
  • Stock plans with bonus pay
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • High monthly wages
  • Work Schedule Flexibility
  • Excellent opportunity to improve skills
  • Opportunities for Networking

Available Engineering and Labor Jobs in Canada

The following is a list of the most sought-after engineering jobs in Canada for international applicants.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs
  • Mechanical Engineering Positions
  • Jobs in Electrical Engineering
  • Jobs as a Bio-Medical Equipment Technologist
  • Specialist Industrial Engineer Jobs
  • Jobs in Software Engineering
  • Jobs in Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Positions
  • Jobs for Chemical Engineers
  • Jobs in Petroleum Engineering

Positions Available in Canadian Provinces for International Candidates

In order to obtain that high-paying Canadian job, you must have a positive work environment and balance your life. Career prospects in Canada offer great job opportunities for the next 5 to 10 years. Quebec has 117,700 unfilled jobs, Ontario has 167,900, and British Columbia has 67,100. This is an excellent option for job-seeking immigrants. The following are some of:

  • In computer fields: software engineers, cyber security analysts, business analysts, and so on. (A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, as well as some work experience, is required.)
  • In the Healthcare sector: Medical doctors, surgeons, veterinary doctors, and registered nurses work in the healthcare industry. (High qualifications, such as a master’s or Ph.D., are required.)
  • In the Education sector: Professors and teachers of English, Math, and Science subjects work in the education sector. (A Master’s or Ph.D. in the relevant subject is required.)
  • In the Construction sector: Bricklayer, project engineer, superintendent, plumber, pipefitter, and carpenters are all jobs in the construction industry. (A basic minimum qualification may be required, but experience is required.)

All of these are well-paying jobs, and you must have qualifications or experience relevant to the nature of the jobs. However, in order to live and work in the country, you must first obtain a visa or work permit from the country. To assist you with your Canadian Work Visa Application, we have provided all of the information and procedures that you will find extremely useful below.

Work Visa Requirements and Procedures in Canada:

Canada is a popular destination for people from other countries looking for work. The Canadian government values international professionals and has created numerous programs for them, including Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Sponsorship, and business immigration.

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To be able to work in Canada, most people need a work permit. You must have a job offer that is supported by a Labor Market Impact Assessment in order to apply for a work permit (LMIA). There are some exceptions to this rule, such as a person who graduated from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI) being able to obtain a work permit without a job offer, and a person who has a spouse in Canada with a work or study permit being able to obtain a work permit without a Canadian job offer.

Candidates who are qualified to apply for a work permit must also meet the following criteria:

  • Any documents required to prove eligibility to work in Canada must be provided.
  • They must be medically fit and not criminally involved.
  • Should demonstrate sufficient funds to support their stay and return home.
  • Should demonstrate their intention to leave as soon as the work is completed.

A Canadian work permit is required to work in Canada. Work visas are valid for 6 months to 1 year and can be applied for online. You’ll need basic documents such as application forms, passport-size photos, a medical test (if necessary), a passport, a written offer or letter of employment, and your educational credentials, among other things.

Jobs in the Canadian Labor and Engineering Sector in 2023

Settle down in Canada by being chosen for one of the following Canadian job openings:

1. Jobs in Petroleum Engineering:

Qualified petroleum engineers are in high demand in a variety of industries. International students with a BS or MS degree in this field can apply for a variety of Canadian job openings and play an important role in petroleum producing and consulting companies, research, and government sectors. A petroleum engineer’s primary responsibilities include discovering methods to extract cost-effective petroleum reservoirs, oil and gas production, and so on. To summarize, working as a petroleum engineer in Canadian companies is not as simple as it appears.

As a result, such engineers are compensated well, with salaries ranging from CAD $66,100 to CAD $200,000 plus other benefits.

Meanwhile, a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5 is required for a Petroleum Engineering degree.

Some of Canada’s most well-known petroleum companies that require petroleum engineers include Imperial Oil Ltd, Cenovus Energy Inc, Husky Energy Inc, TC Energy Corp, Parkland Fuel Corp, and others.

The companies mentioned above have begun a novel method of recruiting new engineers. Each year, these companies hold recruitment drives at several Canadian universities to select the best candidates. However, these candidates will have to go through several stages in order to be hired here.

2. Jobs in Computer Engineering:

Finally, we have openings for Computer Engineers. Working for world-class Canadian companies such as Aldata Software Management Inc, Atco Electric, 3log Systems Inc, Chancery Software Ltd, and others can help international individuals realize their dreams. A computer engineer’s job revolves around the computer system and its associated equipment, from maintenance to testing, implementing, and modulating procedures.

A computer engineer can earn between CAD $69,700 and CAD $100,202 per year. In Canada, however, a minimum GPA of 3.2 out of 4.0 is required for a computer engineering degree.

3. Jobs in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the most sought-after engineer designation in Canada. The role of an airplane maintenance engineer will revolve around the aircraft, including its services, repairing, replacing, and adjusting engine and aircraft parts in accordance with Canadian Airlines’ approved and designed protocols, policies, and procedures. On the other hand, knowledge of computer software and diagnostic tools is required for this position.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s annual salary ranges from CAD $71,395 to CAD $96,989 per year.
The Maintenance Engineering degree requires a minimum GPA of 2.5.

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Meanwhile, well-known companies such as Air Canada, MDA Corporation, Collins Aerospace, KF Aerospace, and others have launched recruitment drives at various Canadian universities in order to attract new and fresh talent. Candidates who are chosen will be able to apply for their dream jobs and pass a short employment test. However, selected individuals will be trained for the relevant designations.

4. Mechanical Engineering Jobs:

Engineering firms in Canada are looking for qualified Mechanical Engineers to provide services and expertise for a variety of tasks such as engineering calculations, functional analysis, data sheets, and technical work. Furthermore, the chosen candidate will be responsible for supervising junior and new engineers.

The salary range for a Mechanical Engineer ranges from CAD $63,498 to CAD $78,825 per year. In the meantime, a 3.0 GPA is required for a mechanical engineering degree.

Companies in Canada such as Hatch Ltd, SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Stantec, and Jacobs have welcomed recent graduates. Various job fairs are also being held at various institutions for this purpose. Meanwhile, interested candidates must complete a 15-minute telephonic interview with an assessment in order to pass the skills test.

5. Jobs in Electrical Engineering:

International applicants with an engineering degree in Electronics are encouraged to apply for jobs in Canada, where employers are looking for a talented yet experienced Senior Electrical engineer who is familiar with software scripts, electronic circuits, and biomedical devices.

Meanwhile, the annual salary for this position ranges from CAD $84,912 to CAD $122,318 plus benefits.

However, electrical engineering is one of the most difficult degrees to obtain. As a result, international applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Johnson & Johnson, Phoenix Energy Services, Open Systems International, Alta Steel, and Fluor are among the companies that are inviting applicants through recruitment campaigns at globally recognized institutions for a variety of job openings for qualified fresh and overseas graduates.

6. Jobs as a Biomedical Equipment Technologist:

It is a fantastic opportunity for all international applicants to provide their biomedical expertise in one of Canada’s largest healthcare systems. This position is open to applicants with a degree or diploma in Biomedical Engineering technology. Interested candidates must be well-versed in medical equipment repair, maintenance, and inspection.

However, biomedical technologists in Canada can expect to earn between CAD $77,185 and CAD $96,919 per year. A Biomedical Engineering degree, on the other hand, requires a minimum score of 3.0GPA out of 4.0GPA.

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In Canada, Alberta Health Services, Eli Health, Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd, BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd, and Micrologix Biotech Inc are currently hiring qualified and enthusiastic students in Calgary and other cities through job fairs at various universities. All you have to do is look for a suitable opportunity and follow the procedures to become a part of Canada’s incredible healthcare system.

7. Specialist Industrial Engineer Jobs:

When it comes to working as an industrial engineer in Canada, there are dozens of positions available for international candidates. For example, most reputable companies have posted job openings for industrial engineer specialists who can handle all of the necessary procedures, design, workflow maintenance, and so on in order to meet the final product’s quality standard. Applicants with 5 years of work experience and a BS degree in Industrial Engineering are encouraged to apply.

The minimum GPA required for the Industrial engineering degree, however, is 3.0 out of 4.0. An industrial engineer’s average annual salary ranges from CAD $60,000 to CAD $93,477.

Companies that needed skilled industrial engineers include Collins Aerospace, UPS, Intel Corporation, Apple, Johnson Controls, and others. These reputable companies, on the other hand, have begun employment hunting programs through various recruitment drives at Canada’s top colleges and universities.

8. Jobs in Software Engineering:

No wonder IT is the highest-paying field in Canada these days, with a scarcity of multitalented Software engineers capable of dealing with computer programs or software while also knowing program coding and testing code. Applicants from all over the world are welcome to apply for these full-time/part-time and remote positions.

Meanwhile, due to the most in-demand jobs, a software engineer in Canada can earn between CAD $76,262 and CAD $136,500 per year.

The minimum GPA for a degree in software engineering, however, is 3.0. Hundreds of well-known companies in Canada, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Shopify, Paysafe Group, Salesforce, and others, are in desperate need of local and international software engineers.

Students at Canadian universities have the opportunity to apply for open positions in such companies through recruitment drives held each year to select the best of the best fresh graduates with creative ideas.

9. Jobs in Architectural Engineering:

Canada is a country full of multistory high-rise buildings and massive construction projects. As a result, there is always a demand for new and fresh talent to perform architectural operations in multinational corporations. As a result, it is a golden opportunity for all international architectural engineers to apply for the current positions in order to advance their careers in the relevant field in Canada. During the construction period, such engineers will concentrate on building plans, prototypes, design, and safety issues.

Furthermore, architectural engineers in Canada earn handsome salaries ranging from CAD $78,669 to CAD $160,675 per year for their services.

As one of the most difficult majors for any student, the architectural engineering degree score requirement is a minimum of 70% in each subject with a minimum 3.0-3.5 GPA.

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AECOM, John Wood Group, Bell Canada, Hatch Ltd, Atkinson Construction, and other top-tier Canadian firms looking to hire the world’s best architectural engineers include:

Apply for jobs in these companies through recruitment programs and job drives if you are a recent or recent graduate with a degree in architectural engineering.

10. Civil Engineering Positions:

Canada’s doors are always open to recent and experienced overseas civil engineers. Even with little work experience, there are hundreds of opportunities available that pay well and provide other benefits. Individuals with a passion for planning, developing methods, and designing civil projects in Canada can try their luck and apply for the available positions.

Based on skills, qualifications, and expertise, the annual salary of a civil engineer in Canada ranges from CAD $60,796 to CAD $107,31.

However, the minimum GPA required for a civil engineering degree in Canada is 3.0/4.0.

The following are a few prestigious Canadian companies that are organizing job fairs and various campaigns at Canadian universities for student job positions in civil engineering: IBI Group, B2Gold Corp, CNRL, Golder, Worley Parsons, and others.


In this article we have covered up to 10 best job you can apply for in Canada as foreigner. Therefore, they are thousands of job openings in various Canadian provinces are available for final recruitment. For more information about Canadian Jobs for Labor and Engineering, visit our official website.

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