July 11, 2024
Apply For Job Opportunities For Software Developers In The USA

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Job Opportunities For Software Developers continue to evolve rapidly, and many jobs that were previously filled by Americans are now being opened up to foreign applicants from countries like India, China, and Russia. This trend will continue in the years ahead as more and more tech companies look outside of the USA to fill their IT positions with talented people who can help them grow at lower cost than hiring American developers who already command high salaries. If you want to learn how to get into one of these positions as an immigrant or non-immigrant worker, read on!

Apply For Job Opportunities For Software Developers In The USA

With the software industry growing rapidly, companies are looking to hire more software developers than ever before in an effort to keep up with consumer demand. There are many ways to break into the field, from learning coding on your own to getting formal training from local or online programs.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or planning your career change, there are plenty of job opportunities in the software industry that will fit your skill set and experience level as well as your specific needs as an employee. Here are some of the top software developer jobs available in the United States by 2022, and how to land them!

About Software Developers Jobs In The USA

There are many software developer jobs in the USA for foreigners. The USA is a great place to work and live. The cost of living is high, but so are salaries. And, there are many opportunities to advance your career. Many foreign software developers are drawn to US jobs because of high salary and compensation levels. For example, a senior developer position at a big firm in Silicon Valley pays an average $250,000 per year plus stock options. Top-tier programmers can make as much as $350,000 or more annually in Silicon Valley, California. Even junior engineers with fewer years of experience can earn six figures and more working for big tech companies like Apple and Google.

Software developers often develop computer programs that businesses use to improve their efficiency. Since computer programming skills are in high demand, developers may find entry-level positions with large technology companies or with smaller companies that develop software as an in-house service. A bachelor’s degree is generally required for most software developer jobs, while employers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developers often prefer candidates who have master’s degrees. It’s also common for software developers to update their skills by taking classes at a local community college or through an online course provider.

Key Findings

  • The number of software developer jobs in the USA is expected to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2028.
  • There will be an estimated 5.4 million job openings for software developers during that time period.
  • The average salary for software developers in the USA is $137,510 per year.
  • Foreigners with H-1B visas make up a significant portion of the software developer workforce in the USA.
  • In order to qualify for a visa, foreigners must have a job offer from a US employer and must meet certain educational and work experience requirements.
  • The H-1B visa has an annual quota of 85,000 visas and has been known to run out within days of the start of the fiscal year.

Here is the list of best Job Opportunities For Software Developers in the USA

Advanced Development Software Intern – Fall

Fall Internships are always looking for interns with a proven record of success who can work alongside engineers and software developers. An internship in Advanced Development Software will provide you with an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be part of an up-and-coming software company.

We have an exciting industry on our hands and we’re looking for people who can share our passion for innovation, as well as learn new technology and take it back to their institution with them when they graduate. Those interested should apply at Career Sanity at any time of their senior year!


  • Working towards Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science from an accredited institution
  • Interest in developing knowledge of Web applications and Mobile applications
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States without current or future company sponsorship needs


  • Learn new programming skills involved in creating augmented reality experiences
  • Create new and disruptive features that directly impact customers
  • Get exposure to every step of developing and launching software products


  • The internship could lead to an at will full time role
  • You have the chance to learn every day, acquire new skills and perspectives through customized online programs, and on-the-job experiences

Senior Software Developer

A software developer or computer programmer develops software applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on a computer or another device. Most developers write code using programming languages that are high-level, meaning they are easier to read and write than machine code, and take years of study to master. A senior software developer typically has 10 or more years of experience in writing software.

They must also know several programming languages, including different database languages like SQL as well as scripting languages like HTML and CSS. While no formal degree is required for a job as a senior software developer, many employers prefer candidates with either an associate’s degree in computer science or some other related field, or even better, a bachelor’s degree in computer science from an accredited four-year college program. Apply Now


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or related field
  • Proven track record delivering multi-million dollar projects
  • Worked in an Agile and Waterfall Project Methodology environment
  • 8+ years building and supporting enterprise-level applications, ideally in Retail industry
  • Development Languages:
  • Java – 8+ years
  • C# – 8+ years
  • Scripting – 8+ years
  • Database:
  • Ability to write complex SQL statements – 8+ years
  • Postgres – 8+ years
  • Experience with Embedded Operating Systems
  • Excellent Analytical and Problem Determination skills
  • Ability to lead solutions that cross internal business teams and external 3rd party vendors
  • Identify and Select appropriate technical solutions to solve business problems
  • Exceptional business acumen and authentic personality
  • Entrepreneurial behavior and responsibility
  • Self-starter and committed to success
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Fluent in English (written & spoken)


  • The Senior Developer will design, develop, and support feature functionality of the device agnostic system management product
  • Deliver scalable information technology solutions that will run 75% of the world’s retailers
  • Increase sales and revenue with existing clients and win new business
  • Implement new methods and establish strategic approach to penetrate the target market and identify potential customers
  • Reduce internal costs by collecting and transforming data to develop, train and implement AI/ML algorithms and models in a production environment
  • Ability to sell to various stakeholders up to C level
  • Work effectively with clients and business partners to define business and technical requirements
  • Translate business requirements into a functional and technical implementation and propose solutions that create business value
  • Manage customer requirements and expectations effectively
  • Effectively collaborate with sales, software & services principals and solution design & delivery teams to drive actions to win new business successfully
  • Work together to deliver customer presentations and solution demonstration, RFPs/RFIs response preparation, defining the application and technical architecture structure to ensure that the products and components work together to meet the objectives and performance goals as defined in the requirements

Software Engineering Intern – Summer – Reston, Virginia

Software engineering internships are another great way to break into coding. Students in software engineering programs often spend a summer or semester working for a company and building their resume. While all internships vary, they can be a great way to expand your network and get hands-on experience without having to pay tuition.

These kinds of positions are not easy to come by – many students have to fight for them, but it’s worth it. With today’s technology, it’s possible that much of what you learn in a classroom setting won’t apply when you actually enter the workforce. Every year around January, companies start reaching out to universities with internship opportunities— if you’re lucky enough to secure one (or more) during your academic career , don’t pass them up, Apply Here!


  • As a software engineer at Qualtrics, you will be building systems to help our customers both understand and respond to the experience data provided by their customers or employees
  • Develop the ability to build scalable, fast, robust, and simple SaaS solutions
  • Develop familiarity with containerization and full-stack development
  • Benefit from working with other engineers, tech-ops, and product managers

Senior Software Engineer – Platform Team (Remote)

This position is at our Global HQ in Dallas, TX and reports to Auctiva’s Vice President of Technology. As a Senior Software Engineer on our Platform Team, you will be working with a small team of highly talented developers to architect, design and build Auctiva’s eCommerce website platform.

It’s important that you love technology and business; we like to say technology makes business better but if it didn’t matter, then why are we doing it? We are looking for someone who can take an idea from concept through execution while working closely with product management and other development teams as well as external partners to ensure that their experience is seamless with ours. Apply on Jobserve!


  • Lead Back End engineering efforts from rapid prototypes to large-scale applications across CrowdStrike products
  • Constantly re-evaluate our product to improve architecture, knowledge models, user experience, performance and stability
  • Be an energetic †self-starter†with the ability to take ownership and be accountable for deliverables
  • You have…
  • Degree in Computer Science (or commensurate experience in data structures/algorithms/distributed systems)
  • The ability to scale Back End systems †sharding, partitioning, scaling horizontally are second nature to you
  • The desire to ship code and the love of seeing your bits run in production
  • Deep understanding of distributed systems and scalability challenges
  • Deep understand multi-threading, concurrency, and parallel processing technologies
  • Team player skills †we embrace collaborating as a team as much as possible
  • A thorough understanding of engineering best practices from appropriate testing paradigms to effective peer code reviews and resilient architecture
  • The ability to thrive in a fast paced, test-driven, collaborative and iterative programming environment
  • The skills to  meet your commitments on time and produce high quality software that is unit tested, code reviewed, and checked in regularly for continuous integration
  • Existing exposure to Go, Scala, AWS, Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch
  • Prior experience in the cybersecurity or intelligence fields


  • Leverage and build cloud based systems to detect targeted attacks and automate cyber threat intelligence production at a global scale
  • Brainstorm, define, and build collaboratively with members across multiple teams
  • Obsess about learning, and champion the newest technologies & tricks with others, raising the technical IQ of the team

Taylor Corporation Software Developer

Taylor Corporation is a very fast-growing software company based in California. They are looking for 10 software developers to join their team asap! In order to be considered for these jobs, you will need 5 years’ experience and be able to provide a portfolio of previous work. These are great jobs that pay $120k/year and up depending on your experience. Apply Now!

Software Engineers earn $2,739 more than Developers, and $16,267 less than DevOps.

Director of Engineering

  • $206k*

Lead Engineer

  • $141k*

Engineering Manager

  • $135k*

QA Manager

  • $129k*

Principal Engineer

  • $128k*

Senior Developer

  • $111k*

Data Scientist

  • $109k*


  • $103k*


  • $84k*


  • $76k*

Tactis LLC Junior Software Developer

Tactis LLC is looking for an entry level, junior software developer. This position requires a combination of technical and analytical skills as well as written and verbal communication skills. An ideal candidate will be able to adapt quickly to a fast-paced environment with changing priorities and high demands placed on quality output and ability to adhere to deadlines.

Opportunities for career advancement exist for motivated individuals who demonstrate initiative, integrity, leadership, attention to detail, flexibility, interpersonal skills and service-oriented behavior consistent with Tactis LLC’s core values. Candidates must have strong proficiency in C# or Java languages.

A qualified Junior Software Developer has:


  • Graduated from a Programming/Coding bootcamp OR a Technical 2 or 4 year degree program OR 6+ months of professional experience (if self taught).
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Desire to learn new technologies

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with more than one back-end programming language
  • A eye for design
  • Experience using Jira, Confluence, Basecamp and/or other cloud-based collaboration tools.
    Experience with Git and/or Bitbucket.

About this position:

  • Remote. this position works 100% from a dedicated home office.
  • Full-time. this is afull-time, direct hire position.

Virginia Tech Front-End Developer (HTML, CSS, JS)

Virginia Tech’s Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Front-End Development will help you develop your critical programming skills and prepare you for a fulfilling career in software development. You’ll get to work closely with Virginia Tech’s professors, who are both leaders in their fields and excellent teachers.

You’ll learn how to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain modern web applications. This computer science program is for students who want to specialize in Front-End Web Development. Apply Now!


  • Understanding of and experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Familiarity with WCAG or section 508
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related field
  • Candidates should submit a portfolio of their work that illustrates
  • their ability to be successful in the position
  • Experience with Adobe Experience Manager
  • Degree or certificate in CS, programming, development
  • Experience with responsive web development
  • Familiarity with a build process such as Node.js, Webpack, or
  • similar technology
  • Experience with Agile or Scrum workflows
  • Experience with GIT or similar version control system
  • The successful candidate will be required to have a criminal
  • conviction check
  • medicine college, Graduate School , and Honors College


  • Reporting to the Senior Director, University Relations and Creative
  • Director, the front-end developer will play a crucial role in the
  • will collaborate with designers, stakeholders, writers and others
  • to create accessible (WCAG and 508 compliant), well functioning
  • front-end code for web and other digital communication
  • The front-end developer will provide front-end solutions developed
  • using an in-depth knowledge of HTML, SASS, JavaScript, and
  • to work alongside a team to write and maintain mobile first code
  • for an internally hosted and customized installation of the Adobe
  • deliver the best quality digital experience for Virginia Tech’s
  • Using agile methodologies, the team organizes
  • development work into sprints, and communicates daily through
  • morning stand-ups, Slack discussions, and review sessions
  • front-end development team is responsible for code that powers our
  • top platforms, which sometimes leads to non-traditional working
  • The ideal candidate will show initiative in solving
  • and contribute to the team

Instec Corp Software Development (All Levels)

Software developers, also known as programmers or software engineers, create applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers and other devices. Most developers specialize in a particular programming language—such as C++ or Java—or in a platform such as Android or iOS.

Experience can be gained through traditional academic programs or industry-sponsored certificate programs, apprenticeships, and internships. Most software developers start out writing code for either desktop or mobile applications before moving into more specialized roles like software architect or quality assurance analyst. Apply Now!

Career Path:

  • Developer (no experience needed)
  • Senior Developer (4+ years’ experience)
  • Lead Developer (8+ years’ experience)
  • Architect & Senior Architect (10+ years’ experience)\

Development Technologies:

  • Javascript | Java | C# | VB.net
  • HTML | CSS | SQL | Python | R

What’s In It for You:

  • Flex First Workforce: do your best work from home or from one of our office locations; it’s your choice.
  • More Than Just Core Values: our values are fundamental in how we attract, train, and retain top talent.
  • Award-Winning Onboarding Program: we set you up from the get-go to make a meaningful impact from Day One and follow you through your entire first year.
  • Real Career Growth Opportunities – we love to promote from within with over 20% of our open roles filled through internal applicants last year.
  • Continuous Learning Opportunities: own your development with your own LinkedIn Learning + [email protected] + Kaplan licenses.
  • Discounted University Tuition: employees and their families can start or continue their university career with less out-of-pocket investment through the University of Arizona Global Campus.
  • Generous Time Off: our leadership believes in taking the time you need, when you need it through our Open PTO Policy.
  • Day One Health Benefits + Employer-Matched Retirement Savings: you might think it’s table stakes, but we know these matter to you.
  • Employee Referral Bonus: give Insurity the biggest compliment you can give by referring someone to work here and earn a cash bonus.

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Nike Software Engineer

Nike is seeking an energetic Software Engineer to join our team and help build a high performance, real-time platform. This role will work closely with other members of Nike sports engineering team. You will be involved in all phases of development, from brainstorming and prototyping, to functional design, coding, testing and production support.

While working with a diverse set of technologies and tools (Scala, Akka cluster), you will engage product developers to understand their requirements and design technical solutions that deliver immediate value. This individual must have strong written and verbal communication skills as well as excellent analytical skills. They must have exceptional problem solving skills while also being able to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously across software development lifecycle stages. Apply Now!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Product Strategy and Vision: Create and champions market-informed product vision and strategy that supports Nike strategies. Identify the strategic product implications and opportunities resulting from major corporate strategies and change initiatives.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Lead the end-to-end lifecycle of sophisticated products, from conception through launch. Strategize and execute on growth initiatives in operating live products and capabilities.
  • Product Roadmap Definition: Run a fluid intake and prioritization process to develop a product, feature and release roadmap based on business targets, in-depth data analysis, and a clear understanding of DSM needs.
  • Prioritization: Effectively craft project plans based on priorities, setting clear/measurable objectives and deploying team resources appropriately to achieve business goals.
  • Partner Management: Collaborate with partners to bring products to life. Remove obstacles and helps align the organization to achieve success.
  • Communication: Clearly articulate the product roadmap, vision, priorities and requirements to multiple partners in both written and oral formats. Gather and incorporate feedback from a diverse range of partners including digital, technology, engineering, analytics, platform, business, and legal teams.
  • Collaboration: Partner with Technology, Engineering, Design, Analytics, Business, and Product Management leaders throughout completion of landmarks to deliver efficient results in line with customer needs.
  • Industry Analysis: Continuously supervise and share relevant technology trends, driven offerings and best-of-breed executions.
  • Analytics and Experimentation: Define product critical metrics, derive key insights, drive reporting tools, and devise and execute experiments and multivariant tests to find product solutions (in concert with Business Success team).
  • Management: Lead multidisciplinary teams and enable success by removing obstacles and developing strategic relationships throughout the business. Cultivate and develop diverse talent within direct reporting team to improve performance and results.
  • Raise the Bar: Promote cross-team and cross-organizational knowledge sharing through multiple forums (e.g., user groups, tech talks, demos).


The United States is one of the most popular places for software developers to work. This is because there are many opportunities for developers in the USA. The demand for software developers is high in the USA, and this is expected to continue in 2022. If you are a software developer looking for a job in the USA, you should start your search early. There are many resources available to help you find a job, and you should take advantage of them. The sooner you start your search, the better your chances of finding a job in the USA.

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