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Best Credit Cards in the USA 2023 for International Students



As an international student, you have unique needs and preferences when it comes to choosing a credit card. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit for you. In this article, we’ll break down the various features of the best credit cards in the USA 2023 so that you can easily make an informed decision!

Best Credit Cards in the USA

Are you an international student looking for the best credit card in the USA for 2023? With so many different offers, it can be difficult to find the card that best suits your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best credit cards available for international students in 2023 and provide information on the pros and cons of each one. Read on to find out which card is right for you!

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What is a Credit Card

Credit cards are essentially a tool that people can use to help them maintain control of their financial situation. Credit cards give cardholders the ability to borrow money up to a certain credit limit, which can then be paid back in full or in installments on a monthly basis. The interest rates and any other special offers that may be available will determine the sums that are required to be repaid.

Credit cards can be broken down into a number of different categories, such as balance and financial transaction options. These options give you the ability to deal with immediate financial obligations or problems with short-term cash flow.

You can select the credit cards on the UK market that are best suited for you by using the market navigation tips that are provided in this article. These particular credit cards were chosen after careful consideration of a large number of factors, which included interest rates, annual fees, rewards, as well as a variety of other considerations.

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Another distinction that can be made between a debit card and a credit card is the ability of the owner of the debit card to use the card in place of currency. Debit cards, mobile payments, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, pay-by-hand, bank transfers, and buy now, pay later are some of the alternatives to credit cards that are currently available. There were 7.753 billion credit cards in circulation around the world as of June 2018. In the year 2020, there were 1.09 billion credit cards in circulation in the United States, and 72.5 percent of adults in the country (187.3 million) had at least one credit card.

Find out which of your credit cards will serve you the best.

The technological advancements of today make it possible for you to receive a personalized list of the best credit cards based on your situation simply by providing a few basic pieces of information about yourself. You will be able to select the feature of the card that most appeals to you by sorting the results of your inquiry into the available cards. You will be able to apply for credit cards with full assurance because we will highlight those credit cards for which you have already received an approval, further streamlining the application process.

1. Best 0% Purchase Credit Card

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card: free of charge interest on purchases for a period of up to two years beginning on the day you open your account. 0% interest for a period of up to 22 months from the date you open your account on any balance transfers you make. To take advantage of the 0% APR promotion, transfers must be completed within sixty days of account opening.

  • Best for spreading out the cost of major purchases.
  • Representative APR: variable at 22.9%
  • Interest-free period: For 24 months, there will be no interest charged on purchases. 22 months of 0% interest on balance transfers are subject to a 2.9% charge.
  • Benefits include free access to Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Arcade for up to five months.
  • £0 yearly fee
  • Why we recommend it: it provides significant interest-free durations for balance transfers in addition to one of the lengthiest interest-free periods available.

2. Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card

Sainsbury’s Balance Transfer Credit CardIf you want to get rid of your existing debt quickly, you might want to consider transferring the balance on your existing credit card to a balance transfer credit card that doesn’t charge you any interest. There is a selection of balance transfer credit cards available from Sainsbury’s Bank, each with a different 0% APR period, ranging from 21 months to 30 months.

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  • Best for: Transferring current credit card or store card bills without incurring fees.
  • Representative APR: fluctuating 21.95%
  • Approximately 30 months of interest-free credit.
  • Fee for transfer: 2.89% or 4.00%
  • Why we recommend it: Although the cost could be as high as 4.00%, this card offers the longest interest-free durations on the market.

3. Best Money Transfer Credit Card

MBNA Money Transfer Credit Card: There’s no limit to how many transfers you can make, as long as it’s no more than 93% of your credit limit, including your existing account balance. For security reasons, you can only make one transfer (either money or balance transfer) of the same amount to/from an individual account in any 14 day period.

Looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to transfer money? Then consider the best money transfer credit cards. With these cards, you can easily move funds from one account to another, to any country in the world. This article will explore the features of these cards and their benefits – so read on if you’re interested in finding out more!

  • Paying down more expensive debts is its best use.
  • Representative APR: 22.9%, depending on the applicant’s unique situation
  • Up to 14 months, depending on individual circumstances, are interest-free.
  • 3.49% transfer fee
  • Important information: Only transfers made within 60 days of account opening are eligible for 0% interest.
  • It has the longest interest-free time and a fair transfer cost, which is why we prefer it.

4. Best Credit-Building Credit Card

Tesco Bank Foundation Credit CardFees: No annual fee. Perks: Collect 5 Tesco Clubcard points for every £4 spent at Tesco and 1 point for every £8 spent elsewhere. Who is Tesco Bank credit cards? Tesco Bank, formerly Tesco Personal Finance, was formed in 1997 as part of a joint venture between Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco (the supermarket giant). It now has more than five million customers.

  • Most suitable for: those with bad or no credit
  • APR illustration: 29.9% variable
  • The credit line at launch: £250–1500; monthly payments: £25.
  • CCJs more than 18 months old are eligible.
  • Benefits: Unfettered access to your credit record and score for three years
  • Why we recommend it: Tesco provides a bonus in addition to having one of the lowest APRs.

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5. Best Cashback and Reward Credit Card

American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card: The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card from American Express does come with good benefits that will appeal to most customers, however, the cashback rates aren’t as good as other cards, even within American Express’s offering. The American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card is one of a range of cards from American Express that offer both cashback and rewards. The bonus for this option is that there isn’t an annual fee and the APR is relatively low.

  • Best for Cashback and benefits without fees.
  • Interest rate: variable 27.2% APR
  • Cashback within the first three months: 5% of purchases.
  • Rewards: Deals and savings from a select group of retail and travel partners
  • Why we recommend it: This credit card offers rewarding cashback and perks without prohibitive annual fees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Cards


  • When making purchases over $100 with a credit card, you are afforded additional legal protection against the possibility of receiving subpar goods or services.
  • When you make responsible use of your credit card, you will be able to build your credit score, which will be beneficial in the future when you apply for loans or other forms of borrowing.
  • You are able to settle or pay off other debts with the use of credit cards.


  • When compared to other types of borrowing, the interest rates. And fees associated with credit cards tend to be significantly higher. This can make using credit cards quite expensive.
  • If you are behind on your payments, this could have a negative impact on your credit score. Making it more difficult for you to borrow money in the future.

How to Get Approval for a Credit Card

There are numerous online apps available to help you through the relatively short and simple application procedure for a credit card. Your name, residence, birthdate, nationality, employment status, and income must all be provided. Some applications, however, could need additional identifying documentation.


There are many different credit cards available to international students in the US. Choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. But with some research and consideration of your needs. You will be able to find the best card to suit your lifestyle. For those looking for convenience, low costs and rewards programs then consider a student-friendly card like Bank of America’s Student Credit Card or Discover’s Student Cash Back Card.

Additionally, cards that offer more extensive travel benefits such as American Express’ Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card should also be considered if long-distance travel is on your radar. With so much choice out there it’s worth doing your due diligence before committing to any particular product.

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