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Austria Working Visa and Permit Complete Guide



If you are a skilled worker, a professional, or a specialist with an excellent command of the English language and looking to work in Austria, then this article is for you. After reading it, you will know exactly what working in Austria entails and the steps that you need to take in order to secure an Austrian Working Visa or Permit.

Austria Working Visa

Austria is one of the most popular countries for working overseas. Its stable economy, high standard of living and generous social benefits attract people from all over the world. Working in Austria is not only convenient but also rewarding. Compared to other European countries, working in Austria comes with a lot more perks and privileges.


You can earn a decent salary which is better than what you would get in almost any other European country. This article will explain the details of working in Austria as well as explore the various visa options that are available for non-EU nationals wishing to work in this country.

Obtaining an Australian Working Visa and Permit

The Austrian economy is consistently ranked as one of the most advanced in all of Europe. As a result, it offers its employees a wide variety of chances to advance in their careers and achieve their goals. The favorable working conditions, generous benefits, and high salaries offered in Austria are all factors that encourage people from other countries to relocate there in search of employment.

However, in order to do so, the majority of people are required to have both a visa and a work permit for Austria. This is the case in Austria. The duration of a work visa for Austria can vary, as can the number of jobs that can be held simultaneously with the visa. A Red-White-Red Card is the most common type of work visa that can be obtained in Austria.

The following section will provide information on who can apply for a work permit in Austria, the different types of work visas that are available, and the application process for obtaining one.

If I want to work in Austria, do I need a visa?

Yes, you do. You are required to submit an application for a work permit before you can begin working in Austria. The only people who are exempt from this regulation are residents of a country that is a member of the EU or EEA.

However, EU and EEA citizens are only allowed to live and work in Austria for a maximum of ninety days before they are required to apply for a certificate of registration in order to continue their stay.

What Does It Mean to Receive a Red-White-Red Card?

The Red-White-Red Card is a combination work permit and residence permit that enables its holder to stay in Austria for up to two years while also allowing them to find employment in the country. This category of visa is not open to everyone because it is only granted to people from other countries who are exceptionally qualified and have the intention of finding work in Austria. The criteria for receiving this permit are evaluated using a point system to determine eligibility. Personal characteristics, such as language skills, professional achievements, age, and work experience, are given a score based on how they correspond to the parameters of the system.

If you belong to any of the following categories, you are eligible to apply for a Red-White-Red Card:

  • Workforce that is extremely well qualified.
  • workers with specialized skills for jobs that are in short supply.
  • Other essential personnel.
  • graduates of Austria’s higher education institutions, including universities and colleges.

The license is issued in the form of a card that has a picture on it, and it also serves as a form of identification for the holder. When you need to provide evidence of your residency status, you should therefore make sure to keep this document on your person at all times.

Requirements for an Austria Work Visa

In addition to theย basic Austria visa requirements,ย youโ€™ll need some specific documents for a work permit, including:

  • Statement of the Employer.ย Your employer must provide you with a statement according to the Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals (AuslBG).
  • Proof of Professional Qualifications.ย These include references and employment verification.
  • Evidence of Language Skills.ย You must provide proof of German or English language skills with an internationally verified diploma.
  • Research Activities.ย You also need to submit any research publication or declaration from a University that you worked as a researcher or at a research center.
  • Patent Registration.ย A patent registration by an excerpt from the national/regional register of patents (if applicable).
  • Proof of Last Yearโ€™s Annual Gross Salary.ย These include tax statements proving your salary.
  • Proof of Your Previous Position.ย You must provide a declaration from your previous employer that you worked in a leadership position.
  • Proof of Your Previous Companyโ€™s Status.ย You must also provide documentation that the company you worked at is listed on the stock exchange.
  • Proof that You Studied In Austria.ย These include confirmation by means of your record of studies (Studienbuch) and relevant exam certificates.
  • Proof the Habilitation.ย This is a postdoctoral lecturing qualification that recognizes you as a qualified individual to do research or teach within a scientific field.
  • Employment Contract.ย You need to provide a copy of your contract from your current employer in Austria that states your annual gross salary.

How to Apply for an Austrian Work Visa?

In order to apply for a Red-White-Red Card, there are a few steps you need to follow.

  • Secure a job.
  • Apply for the work permit.
  • Apply for a work visa.
  • Travel to Austria.

Step 1: Secure a job in Austria

In order to submit an application for a work permit in Austria, you must first have a job waiting for you there. You are not permitted to submit an application for the Red-White-Red Card visa if you do not have proof of employment in the form of a work contract.

Step 2: Apply for the work permit

You are able to submit an application for a work permit in Austria after you have been hired by an employer there. Your employer has the option of applying for the permit on your behalf with the local authority where they have their residence, or you have the option of applying personally with a representative authority within the country in which you have your residence.

Step 3: Apply for a work visa

You are unable to enter Austria without first obtaining a D visa, despite the fact that an Austria work permit entitles you to work and reside in the country for an extended period of time. Before you move to Austria, you are required to submit an application for a national visa type D. In this situation, the only purpose of this visa is to allow you entry in Austria; once you pick up your Red-White-Red card, the visa won’t be necessary anymore. The length of time you are allowed to stay in Austria is determined by the type of visa you have.

Step 4: Travel to Austria.

After you have been granted a work visa, you will be able to freely travel to Austria, where you will be able to pick up your work permit and begin your new life in Austria. After a period of two years, you are eligible to apply for a Red-White-Red Card Plus, which grants you permission to remain in Austria for an additional two years.

Where can I submit my application for a work visa to Austria?

In order to enter Austria, you need to apply for your national D visa at your local office, which can be an embassy or a consulate depending on where you live.

You have the option of applying for your work permit at the local representation where you live, but your employer in Austria also has the option of applying on your behalf. You should start by submitting an application for your work permit. If you are granted the permit, the process of obtaining a visa should be much simpler for you because you will already be registered as a potential employer in Austria.

How Long Does the Process Take to Obtain a Work Visa for Austria?

The application process for a work visa to Austria typically takes about 8 weeks to complete.

By then, you ought to have received word from the embassy. However, it is important to keep in mind that delays can occur at any time for a variety of reasons.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Austrian Work Visa?

A Work Visa for Austria is valid for a period of two years. During this time, you have the same rights as any other resident of Austria, including the ability to work and move about freely within Austria. If your employment contract is terminated earlier than the two years, your visa will remain valid for the duration of the work that you were authorized to do, plus an additional three months.

Can I Get an Extension on My Work Visa for Austria?

If you want to stay in Austria for an additional two years after your current work permit expires, you can apply for an extension of your Red-White-Red Plus card, which will allow you to do so as long as you have a valid work permit. In addition, if you have a Red-White-Red Plus card and have had it for two years, you are eligible to apply for a second card, which will allow you to stay in the country for an additional year.

If I have a work visa for Austria, am I allowed to change employers?

No, if you have an Austria Work Visa you are not allowed to change employers. Only one employer is allowed to be listed on a Red-White-Red permit at a time. You will need to submit a new application for a work permit if you plan on working for another employer. If you have a Red-White-Red Plus card, you have the ability to work for a different employer.

If I get a work visa for Austria, will I be able to bring my family with me?

Yes, you can. If you already possess a Red-White-Red Card, your family members are eligible to apply for a Red-White-Red Card Plus, which grants them permission to work and reside in Austria for a period ranging from one to two years.

Members of the family are taken into account:

  • Spouse.
  • Same-sex registered partner.
  • Children and teenagers.

What is the fee for obtaining a work permit in Austria?

The total cost of obtaining a work permit in Austria is approximately 160 Euros. When you submit the application, you will be required to pay a fee of 120 euros, an additional 20 euros when you receive the permit, and another 20 euros for the police identification data.


You now know everything you need to know about getting a working visa and permit for Austria. The process is relatively simple, and as long as you have all the required documents, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to get everything sorted. Once you have your visa and permit, you’ll be able to work in Austria for up to one year. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your move to Austria today!

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