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Yidan Prize for Education Research

The Yidan Prize is a prize founded in 2016 via Chen Yidan for “contributions to schooling studies and development”. The prize is finance and rule with the aid of a HK$2.5 billion (approximately US$320 million) independent consideration. Tt’s miles a global, inclusive education award that acknowledges changemakers who inspire development in schooling for a better international and has been known as the largest training prize on this planet.

Yidan Prize for Education Research

academic studies refer back to the systematic collection and evaluation of records related to the sphere of schooling. research might also involve a selection of methods and various aspects of schooling together with student studying, teaching techniques, instructor training, and lecture room dynamics.

Educational researchers usually agree that researchers need to be rigorous and systematic. But, there is much less agreement approximately particular requirements, criteria, and study processes. Educational researchers may also draw upon an expansion of disciplines together with psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. techniques can be draw from more than a few disciplines. Conclusions draw from a character studies study can be confine by using the characteristics of the members who were study and the situations below which they take a look at turn into perform.

Yidan Prize for Education Research

Nominations are welcome from involve candidates for the Yidan Prize for education research and development. The prize is award for its widespread contribution to the science of schooling. The Yidan Prize is an inclusive training award that acknowledges people. Or groups who’ve contribute notably to education research and development. certifies applicants are to be nominate for the prize award earlier than the closing date.

Yidan basis Prize for training 2022 research and development Proposals acquired for humans interested in receiving the Yidan Prize for schooling studies and development. The award is provided for incredible contribution to schooling technological know-how.

The Yidan Award is an academic award that consists of every person who sees people. Or corporations creating a large contribution to educational research and improvement. Eligible candidates are eligible for the prize earlier than the remaining date.

despite the fact that put up-death nominations will not be generic, nominees who have no longer been awarded the Yidan Prize may be re-elected inside the destiny. administrators, contributors of the Judiciary Committee, and participants of the Yidan Award Advisory Committee are not eligible to make nominations or nominations. additionally, nominees and supporters ought to now not be members of the nominee’s own family or absolutely everyone who may additionally result in tangible, powerful, or real conflicts of interest.


  • Award Winner: Yidan Award
  • Prize amount: HK $ 30 million (the US $ 3.9 million)
  • Lesson Appropriateness: Educational and Developmental Research
  • Nationality: All Nations
  • Deadline: 31st March 2022

Yidan Foundation Prize for Education 2022 DETAILS

The award, which gives prizes worth HK $ 60 million (about $ 7.8 million) annually, covers classes: the Yidan Prize for schooling studies, which recognizes notable studies that give full-size opportunities in education, and the Yidan Prize for schooling development, spotting new thoughts that cope with key challenges in the education region.

Every Yidan Prize for schooling studies and the Yidan Prize for training improvement. Includes a gold medal and a prize of HK $ 30 million (approximately $ 3. nine million). Which includes a coins prize of HK $ 15 million (approximately $ 1. nine million) and employment HK $ 15 million. In the event that a couple of man or woman gets the Prize. The prize money and the venture fund may be dispensed similarly to the winners. Thru a chain of applications, the award serves to set up a platform that lets the global network participate in a discussion approximately schooling and to take part in providing instructional help.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for the Yidan Prize for Education Research and Development 2022, applicants must note the following:

  • Suggestions can be found in the various fields and local regions.
  • Nominees may be members of governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations, professional organizations, and thought leaders in education and / or beyond.
  • The nominee must have a good understanding of the nominee’s role and must submit at least two letters of recommendation from the sponsors.
  • Each nominee can submit as many words as they like.

How to Apply:

Nominees must use an online nomination system to submit their names. Nominees must first register before they can proceed with the nomination process.

The following documents must be submitted with the nomination:

  1. Nomination form in English
  2. Nominee details including full name, date of birth, email address, residential address, mobile phone number, etc.
  3. Nominee CV
  4. A minimum of two letters of recommendation from supporters acknowledging the success of the nominee.
  5. In the Academic Research phase, there are up to five softcopies and at least one relevant publication of the nominee research.
  6. minute video from the nominee on how they will use the project funding if they are selected as winners.

More About Education Research

Instructional studies refers back to the systematic collection and evaluation of statistics related to the field of training. research might also contain a diffusion of techniques and numerous aspects of training which includes pupil gaining knowledge of, coaching methods, trainer training, and classroom dynamics.

Educational researchers commonly agree that studies need to be rigorous and systematic. However, there is less settlement approximately specific requirements, criteria and research approaches. Instructional researchers might also draw upon a diffusion of disciplines together with psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. methods may be draw(n) from more than a few disciplines. Conclusions are draw(n) from an character research study. may be limit(ed) by way of the traits of the participants who have be studie(ed). and the conditions beneath which the study turn into conduct.


The basis for educational research is the scientific method. The scientific method uses directed questions and manipulation of variables to systematically find information about the teaching and learning process. In this scenario questions are answer by the analysis of data that is collect specifically for the purpose of answering these questions. Hypotheses are explain and subsequently prove or disprove by data which leads to the creation of new hypotheses. The two main types of data that are use under this method are qualitative and quantitative.

Applied approach

The pursuit of information that can be directly applies to practice is aptly know as applies or contractual research. Researchers in this field are trying to find solutions to existing educational problems. The approach is much more utilitarian as it strives to find information that will directly influence practice.

Applies researchers are commission by a sponsor and are responsible for addressing the needs present by their employer. The goal of this research is “to determine the applicability of educational theory and principles by testing hypotheses within specific settings”.

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