Who is MedicalJobsAustralia.com? - The Site to Find Medical Jobs.
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Who is MedicalJobsAustralia.com? – The Site to Find Medical Jobs in Australia



Are you looking to strengthen your career and make a difference in the world? Do you want to work in a dynamic industry where you can make an impact and give back to the community? If so, MedicalJobsAustralia.com is the place for you. We are the leading source for employment information in Australia, helping Australians find quality jobs as Doctors, Dental Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, and allied healthcare professionals.

Who is MedicalJobsAustralia.com

We have job postings from both full-time and contract positions that are available throughout Australia. There are over 25 different medical specialties that we feature, so you’ll be sure to find a position that fits your skills and interests. Search for jobs in your city or post your resume as soon as it is ready so potential employers can reach out to meet with you. To help you get started on this new career path, read on to learn more…


Looking for a job in health?

MedicalJobsAustralia.com is the site to visit. With our search engine, you can find jobs in any Australian state or territory from both general and specialist medical occupations. We aggregate and categorize jobs by state so it’s easy to locate jobs in your preferred location. If you are looking for a specific job title, we also list openings in proximity to your location so you can find opportunities in your own neighborhood without having to travel far.

Our database of over 5 million job vacancies features offers employment across all specializations, including doctor, dentist, pharmacist, and surgeon. Search for job openings in your local area or view available jobs nationwide on our career site to find the perfect position for you. Whether you are an experienced healthcare practitioner looking to expand your skills or a recent graduate seeking work experience, MedicalJobsAustralia.com has the opportunity for you.

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We work hard to make sure our user-friendly website makes it easy for job seekers of all experience levels to peruse vacancy notices, apply for jobs, and view available positions with confidence. You won’t have to struggle through dictionaries or web addresses; instead, you will have an online platform that helps you easily access relevant information about studies and careers related to medicine and health care fields.

Who is MedicalJobsAustralia.com?

MedicalJobsAustralia.comΒ is a medical and general practitioner employment platform that allows employers in the United States and Australia to post healthcare job openings and connect with applicants who meet the requirements of those openings. Employers can list a broad spectrum of medical vacancies on MedicalJobsAustralia.com, including general practitioner, dental practitioner, nursing, and doctor positions at all stages of professional advancement.

Employers in the United States are able to advertise their local job openings through the platform’s user-friendly advertiser dashboard and straightforward job posting procedure, despite the fact that the site primarily serves the healthcare job markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2015, MedicalJobsAustralia.com has been providing assistance to companies in the medical and healthcare sectors in the process of connecting with and recruiting candidates. However, there are very few job listings in the United States, and employers may find greater value in local specialist medical employment boards. The website claims to publish approximately 2,000 available positions on a monthly basis.

Having said that, the platform is more cost-effective than some of its local competitors, and it provides an easy process for posting jobs, as well as exposure for those jobs through the network of job boards that is part of the MedicalJobsAustralia.com website.


  • Career opportunities in the health and medical fields are the focus of MedicalJobsAustralia.com, a specialized job board in Australia.
  • All of the job postings are distributed across the network of job boards that MedicalJobsAustralia.com is a part of, including Indeed, Adzuna, and Jora.
  • At a bare minimum, job openings are advertised for a period of forty-five days.
  • This website provides users with a complete set of search filter capabilities, allowing users to narrow their searches according to occupation, geography, and work type.
  • The platform is available at a price that is more reasonable than that of local competitors like the JAMA Career Center and Health eCareers.
  • With the Extended Job Ad plan, jobs are kept active for a period of ninety days.
  • Job listings are delivered via job alert emails.
  • MedicalJobsAustralia.com provides a secure payment portal.
  • Twitter is used by the company to disseminate information about open positions.


  • There is no cost associated with posting a job vacancy on MedicalJobsAustralia.com.au.
  • The site does not include a database of resumes that can be searched by potential employers.
  • The employment markets in Australia and New Zealand are the primary targets of the job board’s services.
  • The only currency accepted for payment is the Australian dollar.
  • On this site, there is hardly any activity coming from the United States.
  • The corporation does not have any local offices in the United States.

Instructions for Adding a Job Listing to MedicalJobsAustralia.com:

On MedicalJobsAustralia.com, posting a job is a simple process that can be completed in seven easy steps.


Proceed to the homepage of the MedicalJobsAustralia.com website.

To post a job, navigate to the site’s homepage and look for the link labeled “LIST A JOB” in the page’s upper-right hand corner.

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Pick a postage bundle to meet your needs.

On the following page, choose a job posting package by clicking the “Advertise Now” button that is located beneath the option that best fits your needs.

Create a brand new account for the advertiser.

To create an account, scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your information into the online form, and then click the “Create Account” button.

Finish configuring your account’s settings.

Proceed to the following page to finish configuring your account by entering your company’s information into the corresponding form. At the very bottom of the page, there is a space for you to upload your company’s logo as well as an advertisement banner. When you are finished, click the “SAVE ACCOUNT SETTINGS” button.

Put up a listing for the position.

To begin the process of posting a job, you must first select the blue option labeled “CREATE A NEW JOB AD AND SAVE OR POST NOW.” Please include the relevant information about your opening in the space provided.

Review your job post.

After you have finished filling out the online form, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “PREVIEW JOB AD” to check that the information you posted is correct. You have the option of clicking “BACK TO EDIT” to make modifications to any of the details, or “SAVE AS DRAFT” to submit the message at a later time.

Finish making the payment, then post your advertisement.

To finish the process of submitting a job ad, enter your payment information and then click the “SUBMIT PAYMENT” button. Your job posting will be displayed on the job board of MedicalJobsAustralia.com as soon as the payment is processed successfully.


Where can I find out more about MedicalJobsAustralia.com?

MedicalJobsAustralia.com is an Australian employment board that is exclusively devoted to the medical profession. Employers can use the website to post job openings and connect with applicants that meet their requirements.

When you post a job on MedicalJobsAustralia.com, what kind of fees do you have to pay?

The cost of placing a single premium job post on MedicalJobsAustralia.com begins at A$145.00. An extended premium job ad has a price tag of A$190.00 per post, but employers can get a discount on the price by purchasing one of the Job Pack plans.

What are the steps that I need to do to make an account on MedicalJobsAustralia.com?

  • Navigate to the homepage of the MedicalJobsAustralia.com website.
  • To log in to your account, go to the top right corner of the page and click “Login.”
  • On the following page, look for a button labeled “Register Now.”
  • After entering your information, make sure you click the “Create Account” button.

How can I delete a job ad on MedicalJobsAustralia.com?

  • You may access your advertiser account by logging in.
  • You can select the relevant job ad from your dashboard by clicking on the “View” button that is located at the right side of the page.
  • To get rid of the job posting, select “DELETE” from the menu that appears next to it.


MedicalJobsAustralia.com is the leading site for medical jobs in Australia. We have a wide range of medical job listings available, so whether you’re looking for a new doctor job or a nurse job, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way, from finding the perfect role to writing your CV and interview tips. So if you’re ready to take the next step in your medical career, start searching for your dream job today at MedicalJobsAustralia.com!

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