How to Find Skilled Crafts and Trades Jobs in Germany in 2023...
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How to Find Skilled Crafts and Trades Jobs in Germany for Foreigners in 2023



How to Find Skilled Crafts jobs in the arts, trades, and crafts have the most demand in Germany? You’ve probably given thought to the possibility of working in another country. Do you enjoy working with your hands more, or would you consider yourself more of an artisan? Which sector, the retail business or the building industry, do you see yourself working in? You can decide which is the best country for you to work and live in by discovering the kind of job that is ideally suited to your prior experience as well as your current characteristics. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

How to Find Skilled Crafts and Trades Jobs in Germany

The well-known German phrase “esser & spieler” — which means “to be able and to play” — is used to describe the country’s focus on developing people. In addition to the excellent education system, the government has invested heavily in providing opportunities for its citizens to participate in the development of their country.
The result has been an explosion of creative and technical jobs in sectors like engineering, architecture, and media. But while these jobs have come with great packages and excellent benefits, they can also be challenging to get. To make it easier for international applicants to find skilled craft and trades job opportunities in Germany in 2023, we’ve outlined a few tips that may help you find open positions…


The demand for skilled labor is high in many industries around the world.

In some cases, workers in these fields are overqualified for their jobs. Other times, employers just don’t understand how challenging it can be to find skilled work in their specific industry. There are a variety of ways that a foreigner can find skilled craft and trade jobs in Germany in 2023. The following article explains what kind of jobs are available in these fields as well as the skills that employers are looking for. If you have experience important projects or completed particular tasks with distinction, discuss your qualifications with employers before sending out your application. You may also want to write a cover letter that specifically mentions any relevant previous experience.

Looking for a career that doesn’t just offer you plenty of money and perks, but one that also makes you feel like you’re helping out your country? Look no further than the skilled trades. Whether you’re hoping to break into shipping or learn more about carpentry from an expert, a skilled trades job is a great place to begin your career. With the modern world constantly evolving and creating new demands on our skills, the skilled trades is a perfect fit for anyone looking to grow their resume or take up a new trade. So how can you find skilled craft and trade jobs in Germany for foreigners in 2023? Keep reading to discover useful information about the industry and professional opportunities available.

Carrying out one’s duties as a Skilled Craftsman or Tradesman in German

Employment opportunities in skilled trades and crafts are among the most sought after by individuals from other countries seeking employment in Germany. According to the National Association of German Employers (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbande, or BDA), employment in skilled crafts and trades increased by 22% between 2008 and 2015, with peak employment levels reaching over 200,000 people in 2015. The employment growth in skilled crafts and trades occurred between 2008 and 2015.


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Because of its large population and the diverse range of skilled trades and crafts vocations that are accessible there, including everything from hairdressing to carpentry, Germany is one of the best countries in which to find employment if you are interested in working in this industry. Nevertheless, this is not the only explanation for it. In point of fact, one of the reasons why there are so many different specialized trades and crafts jobs accessible in Germany is one of the reasons why so many people from other countries are lured to live there.

Over 41 Million People Working

In Germany, there are over 41 million people working, with approximately two-thirds of those positions being accounted for by the service sector and the remaining third being accounted for by the manufacturing sector. Even though there is a high level of competition for jobs in Germany, skilled craftsmen and artisans are the only ones who can earn the better-paying positions in this country’s economy.

Those who reside in Germany and are looking to launch a professional career have access to a wide variety of employment opportunities in skilled trades and crafts. These activities, which are particularly common in the industrial sector, need the use of machines to make a wide variety of commodities, such as electrical devices and automobile parts, amongst other things.

In addition, there is a demand for them because there are fewer people in Germany who possess the requisite capabilities, notably those from countries that are not members of the EU. If you are thinking of applying for a position in Germany that requires skilled crafts or trades and have some past experience, this guide will assist you in identifying the best jobs available in Germany for people with your qualifications and in the region you want to work in.

What do we mean when we talk about skilled crafts and trades?

Craftsmen and tradespeople in Germany are the economic engine of the country, as well as the backbone of the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses. They are able to maintain a tight connection with their customers, which enables them to manufacture high-quality goods and provide individualized solutions to problems. Craftsmen and tradespeople aim their products and services primarily at consumers in the commercial and public sectors, as well as in the manufacturing industry. In addition, the sector of skilled crafts and trades is extremely varied, and it includes the following areas of expertise:

  • Contruction work and property advancement
  • Metals and electrical components
  • Wood and various polymers also
  • Cleaning in the workplace
  • Production of food using traditional methods
  • Medical care and cleanliness of the individual
  • Leather, textiles, and other types of clothing
  • Design of graphics

How One Can Obtain a Position as a Craftsman in Germany

If you speak German at a level B1 and hold an international school certificate, you are eligible to apply for vocational training even if you are a foreign national (minimum of 9 grades). Beginning of the school year for all types of vocational training in Germany occurs at the end of August or the beginning of September of each year. Applicants from other countries who want to pursue vocational training in the United States should submit their applications at least six months in advance. This will guarantee that they receive all of the necessary papers, including a visa, in a timely manner.

After successfully completing their vocational training tests and gaining some relevant job experience, craftsmen in Germany have the opportunity to become self-employed or launch their own firm. Because of this, they will be able to generate an even greater profit. This is true for all international applicants, even those coming from countries that are not members of the EU. After successfully finishing a vocational training program, you will have access to outstanding employment opportunities in Germany, whether you choose to work in the public sector, the industry, or the craft sector. In addition, experienced artisans hailing from Germany are consistently among the most in-demand and lucrative professions in other countries.

Jobs in Germany That Require a High Level of Skill That Pay Well

In addition to a lengthy tradition and dual vocational training that can last anywhere from two to three and a half years, the skilled crafts and trades also feature a high level of innovation. They are therefore future-proof and present tempting promotion prospects such as furthering their studies or working independently as master artisans. Whether you are interested in plumbing or construction, the following list will walk you through the most in-demand jobs in Germany in 2022 that do not require you to have any prior knowledge of the German language.

The following domains call for specialists who are qualified:


You will be responsible for a wide range of preliminary duties as a tinsmith. These jobs will be related to the manufacture of metal or plastic building units, which you will later place in properties, such as on roofs or facades. This can be done in buildings that have recently been built or rebuilt, for example to satisfy new environmental limitations in the fields of energy utilization systems, water drainage, and thermal insulation.
Licensed plumber specializing in sanitary, heating, and air-conditioning systems:

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In this industry, you will be responsible for the installation of a variety of heating systems, including solar power units, heat pumps, and wood pellet heating systems, as well as water and air supply systems (toilet assemblies) in buildings. You will not only be responsible for the manual and mechanical processing of pipes, sheet metal, and sections, but also for the routine inspection of the functionality of the various systems after they have been installed. In addition to that, you will install smart home systems as well as software that is device-specific.

Structural engineering:

  • Worker in concrete and steel construction: in addition to producing concrete or reinforced concrete, you will also fabricate the formwork before continuing to process the individual pieces on construction sites, such as to build staircases, walls, bridges, and dams, for example.
  • When you engage in furnace and chimney construction, you will find yourself working at heights of up to 300 meters near to chimneys that are that tall. In addition to building structures that are resistant to fire, you will also be responsible for the installation of a variety of insulation materials, such as for defense against the cold or as thermal insulation. In addition to that, one of the responsibilities of your job is to install lightning protection devices.
  • You will spend the most of your time as a mason working outside on construction sites, either independently or as part of a team consisting of coworkers, site managers, and architects. Your line of work encompasses not only the act of masonry but also the planning and construction of the several essential components.
  • In your role as a floorer, you will play an important part in the following aspects of building projects: discussions with customers, the preparation of the subsoil, the laying of the floor itself, and, if necessary, additional surface finishing. In the discipline of parquetry, a qualification known as “master craftsperson” is available to be earned.

Electrical engineers with a specialization in energy technology:

In this line of work, you will be required to participate in the design, planning, production, and installation of electronic systems, all the way up to the point where they are handed off to the client and ongoing support is provided. The majority of open jobs may be found in the fields of automation engineering, electric utility, mechanical engineering, plant construction, and vehicle construction. There are also some roles available in the field of vehicle construction.

Industrial cleaning:

In this important field, you may find yourself working in office buildings or public structures, such as hospitals, swimming pools, or administrative buildings. You may also find yourself working in public transportation or parks. To be able to select the suitable instruments and dosage of cleaning agents, you are going to need to think strategically about what you are doing.


It’s not impossible to find good paying trade jobs in Germany as a foreigner – but it’s certainly not easy. With a little perseverance and creative thinking, you can put yourself in a good position to land one of these coveted positions. The most important thing is to start your search early, so you can be one of the first in line when the company starts hiring again. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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