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What The Heck Is An Algorithm? – GOOGLE Algorithm Is Key



Meanwhile, algorithms are the patterns and procedures used to accomplish the goal at hand. Data structures are like tools in your tool belt. You don’t necessarily need to know about them. But using the right tool for the job will make your code cleaner and easier to write.

There’s a lot of talk in SEO conversations about Google’s algorithm. As it happens, a lot of that talk takes place among people who don’t actually.

What The Heck Is An Algorithm?


What The Heck Is An Algorithm?

Each search engine has something called an algorithm which is the formula that each search engine uses to evaluate web pages. And determine their relevance and value when crawling them for possible inclusion in their sear engine. A crawler is the robot that browses all of these pages for the search engine.

GOOGLE Algorithm Is Key

Google has a comprehensive and highly developed technology, a straightforward interface and a wide-ranging array of search tools which enable the users to easily access a variety of information online.


The Google users can browse the web and find information in various languages, retrieve maps, stock quotes and read news, search for a long lost friend using the phonebook listings available on Google for all of US cities and basically surf the 3 billion odd web pages on the internet!

Google boasts of having world’s largest archive of Usenet messages, dating all the way back to 1981. Google’s technology can be accessed from any conventional desktop PC as well as from various wireless platforms such as WAP and i-mode phones, handheld devices and other such Internet equipped gadgets.

Page Rank Based On Popularity

The web search technology offered by Google is often the technology of choice of the world’s leading portals and websites. It has also benefited the advertisers with its unique advertising program that does not hamper the web surfing experience of its users but still brings revenues to the advertisers.

When you search for a particular keyword or a phrase, most of the search engines return a list of page in order of the number of times the keyword or phrase appears on the website.

Google web search technology involves the use of its indigenously designed Page Rank Technology and hypertextmatching analysis which makes several instantaneous calculations undertaken without any human intervention.

Google’s structural design also expands simultaneously as the internet expands. Page Rank technology involves the use of an equation which comprises of millions of variables and terms and determines a factual measurement of the significance of web pages and is calculated by solving an equation of 500 million variables and more than 3 billion terms.

Unlike some other search engines, Google does not calculate links but utilizes the extensive link structure of the web as an organizational tool.

When the link to a Page, lets say Page B is clicked from a Page A, then that click is attributed as a vote towards Page B on behalf of Page A.

Consider Back Links Popularity Votes

Quintessentially, Google calculates the importance of a page by the number of such ‘votes’ it receives. Not only that, Google also assesses the importance of the pages that are involved in the voting process.

Consequently, pages that are themselves ahead in ranking and are important in that way also help to make other pages important. One thing to note here is that Google’s technology does not involve human intervention in anyway and uses the inherent intelligence of the internet and its resources to determine the ranking and importance of any page.

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Hypertext-Matching Analysis: Unlike its conventional counterparts, Google is a search engine which is hypertext-based. This means that it analyzes all the content on each web page and factors in fonts, subdivisions, and the exact positions of all terms on the page.

Not only that, Google also evaluates the content of its nearest web pages. This policy of not disregarding any
subject matter pays off in the end and enables Google to return results that are closest to user queries.

More on Google’s Algorithm

Google has a very simple 3-step procedure in handling a query submitted in its search box:

  1.  When the query is submitted and the enter key is pressed, the web server sends the query to the index servers. Index server is exactly what its name suggests; it consists of an index much like the index of a book which displays where is the particular page containing the queried term is located in the entire book.
  2. After this, the query proceeds to the doc servers, and these servers actually retrieve the stored documents. Page descriptions or “snippets” are then generate(d) to suitably describe each search result.
  3. These results are then return to the user in less than a one second! (Normally) Approximately once a month, Google updates their index by recalculating the Page Ranks of each of the web pages that they have crawled. The period during the update is known as the Google dance.

Do You Know The GOOGLE Dance?

The Algorithm Shuffle Because of the nature of Page Rank, the calculations need to be perform about 40 times and, because the index is so large, the calculations take several days to complete.

During this period, the search results fluctuate; sometimes minute-by minute. It is because of these fluctuations that the term, Google Dance, was coin.

The dance usually takes place sometime during the last third of each month. Google has two other servers that can be use(d) for searching. The search results on them also change during the monthly update and they are part of the Google dance.

For the rest of the month, fluctuations sometimes occur in the search results, but they should not be confuse(d) with the actual dance. They are due to Google’s fresh crawl and to what is known “Everflux“.

More on GOOGLE Algorithm

Google has two other searchable servers apart from They are and Most of the time, the results on all 3 servers are the same, but during the dance, they are different.


For most of the dance, the rankings that can be seen on www2 and www3 are the new rankings that will transfer to www when the dance is over. Even though the calculations are done about 40 times, the final rankings can be seen from very early on. This is because, during the first few iterations, the calculated figures merge to being close to their final figures.

You can see this with the Page Rank Calculator by checking the Data box and performing some calculations. After the first few iterations the search results on www2 and www3 may still change, but only slightly.

During the dance, the results from www2 and www3 will sometimes show on the www server, but only briefly. Also, new results on www2 and www3 can disappear for short periods. At the end of the dance, the results on www will match those on www2 and www3.

GOOGLE Dance Tool

This Google Dance Tool allows you to check your rankings on all three tools www, www2 and www3 and on all 9 data-centers simultaneously.

The Google Web Directory works in combination of the Google Search Technology and the Netscape Open Directory Project which makes it possible to search the Internet organized by topic. Google displays the pages in order of the rank given to it using the Page Rank Technology.

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It not only searches the titles and descriptions of the websites, but searches the entire content of sites within a related category, which ultimately delivers a comprehensive search to the users. Google also has a fully functional web directory which categorizes all the searches in order.

Features And Tools From Google

In case you are feeling lucky

• The Google I’m Feeling Lucky™ search button is recommend when searching for a highest rank web page for a particular search. This saves time in searching for a webpage.

The multi-faceted Google Toolbar

• The Google Toolbar™ can seamlessly integrate with a user’s web browser and be of quick assistance.

Pandora’s Box

• Google enables its users to search for U.S. street maps immediately by just typing the street name in the query box.

Stock Quotes

• Latest stock quotes are just a click away. Just type in the company ticker symbol or the name of one of the stock indices stock and mutual fund information and Google will return the relevant information in association with high-profile financial and trading concerns.

Google takes a snapshot of each page it examined as it crawls the web and stores or caches them as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable.

This cached link always displays the page in the same manner as it was index(ed) and this is use(d) by Google to match the relevancy of the page to the query submitted by the user. The “Cached” link will be missing for sites that have not been index, as well as for sites whose owners have requested Google not to cache their content.

Google offers a variety of special features which helps users to find exactly what they are looking which is all in addition to providing easy access to more than 3 billion web pages. The following is an overview of its key features:

Google Free Tools And Software



Google has a built-in calculator function which can be used to calculate mathematical expressions involving basic arithmetic, more complicated math, units of measure and conversions, physical constants and even hexadecimal and binary numbering systems. You can simply enter the expression you’d like evaluated in the search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button.

Dictionary Definitions

When searching about any particular term, if the Google database has a definition or meaning for the term, then it will be highlight with an underline on the results page. This definition is derive(d) in association with a reliable dictionary source.

File Types

In addition to HTML files, Google search also supports 12 other formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office, PostScript, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and others. Additionally, Google also offers the user the ability to “View as HTML”. Which allows users to view these files in case the corresponding software is not install on the user’s PC. It also eliminates the hazards of opening a virus-infected document.

News Headlines

While searching for a particular term, if that term is also in any of the current news. It is display as a separate news link on the results page.

This is derive(d) from various news providers who work in association with Google and who let Google monitor them.

Advanced News Search

A new offering from Google – Advanced News Search, allows visitors to scour headlines by date, location, exact phrases or publication. People can use it retrieve articles from more than 4,500 news outlets publishing on the Web.

Advanced News Search lets visitors search for headlines using several parameters. Among other features, people can locate stories that contain an exact phrase, within the Unites States or abroad, or written by a specific publisher.

Similar Pages

The results page also displays a link for ‘similar pages’ which uses the GoogleScout technology to explore the web for similar pages. This is particularly helpful if you have hit upon a page which has relevant content, but you want something similar but more.

Web Page Translation

This feature is particularly helpful if your search has non-English results. Google offers a facility to automatically translate a page for you in English. Currently, Google supports Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages.

Safe Search Filtering

Google provides a Safe Search option to filter pornographic contents from its results page. This is especially useful for shared computers which need to be protect for children surfing the Internet. Google’s technology tries to check keywords and phrases, URLs and Open Directory categories and eliminate these from the search results. Read more

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