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Real Estate License in USA | An Authorization Permit for all Agents or Brokers



Real estate as a business is handled wit uttermost priority, seriousness. And rules in order to safeguard and support the life of their customers, therefore in USA. There must be a real estate license in USA for all agents. And brokers which will automatically give then the legal means to handle homes. And many other business documents for all buyers and sellers as well. If this is your dream to become a real estate business man then it will be necessary for you to get the real estate license to become an official realtor.

Real Estate License in USA

To become a real estate means that you will work with different clients and different homes. You won’t be doing the same thing every day.


You get to meet and work with lots of people, be your own boss. And enjoy the satisfaction of helping buyers and sellers by closing deals in profits.

Therefore, every state will decide to bring in a test that must be passed before you can get your real estate license.
However, almost all of the education can be taken online now. But that is not always the best way to get your real estate license.

Why you need an Estate License for your activities

Today, becoming a U.S. real estate agent gives you the opportunity of being your own boss. And having unlimited earning potential making you known worldwide.

However, in comparing to other careers with similar earnings potential. Getting your real estate license is a relatively quick and affordable process.


The simple truth is to become a real estate agent, typically you need to be 18 years old. Have a high school diploma, complete 40+ hours training, and pass an exam.

To become a real estate agent you will need to research your state’s licensing requirements. And register for the appropriate classes and exam.

One common question international students mostly ask is, “Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to get a real estate license?” The short answer: No.

However, that doesn’t mean that anyone without citizenship can get their real estate license. You still have to follow specific requirements to become a U.S. real estate agent.

According to 2019 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; the median pay for a real estate agent is about $48,930 per year, then For real estate brokers who have additional education, testing, and experience requirements have theirs up to $59,720.

Things You Need to Know Before You Start a Career In Real Estate

Below are important things you must know before you start your real estate license process, if you can apply the steps below then you are also on the right track…

  • Make sure you speak to other agents

This is simple but necessary, for all you know about the industry there is even more that you don’t know, so to be aware you need more information.

Most times getting your real estate license takes time and money, so you have to be sure about your decision. Activate your networking skills, speak to multiple agents, and try to get an understanding of the ups and downs of the industry.

  • Start thinking about your brokerage

As an upcoming or new agent you are going to need to partner with a broker. You must choose your broker and this will be the most important decision of your early real estate career.

Research, find out the training, technology, and assistance the brokers in your area offer, as well as the fees they charge.

  • Know that real estate is competitive

A good key and fact, one of the great things about real estate is the low barrier to entry. To stay on top, you are going to have to adapt and continue adapting from day one you start up.

A lot of people try to make it in real estate and every year, new agents are entering the market with new skills and new energy.

  • Start Slowly (Real Estate License in USA)

As a new agent, it’s going to take time to get your feet under you and start making commissions so you need to make sure you have a way to support yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan, Some agents can merge or adopt other biz into the industry by working another job.

Real Estate Authorization

Real estate licenses is issued by state governments, giving agents and brokers the legal ability to represent a home seller or buyer in the process of buying or selling real estate.
It’s agents and real estate brokers must be thinking of conducting real estate transactions in the United States. This can likewise happen in many other countries as well.

In the late 1990s, NAR created regulations allowing Information Data Exchanges whereby brokers would allow a portion of their data, such as listings of homes for sale, to be seen online via brokers websites.


The association attempted to limit online access to some or all of that data, particularly by brokers operating solely on the Internet.

In 2005, the Justice Department accused the NAR of conspiring to restrain trade. The Department of Justice brought an a lawsuit against the NAR trade group stating association of unfairly limiting access to the multiple listing service which prevented online brokerages from competing with traditional brick-and-mortar offices.
Finally, to list for sale or for lease of real estate property in any, the individual must hold a real estate license in the state where the sale is taking place.

Follow the steps above, it will really help you out and guide you well.

1. Understand Real state license and education requirements.

Know the requirements for pre-licensing courses and licensing applications check your real estate commission before knowing how to obtain your license.

Studies on many states require 60-90 hours of college-level education on real estate basics including titles, deeds, contracts, and property ownership.

Please, before you pay for a real estate school, make sure it’s accredited and acknowledged by your state. Also, classes can be available in person and online. Just make sure that your courses and school must be approved by your state’s real estate licensing authority.

2. Take a pre-licensing course (Real Estate License in USA)

Becoming a real estate agent requires time and a financial investment, so know what your options are, and choose the one that’s right for your lifestyle.

Understand what resources you’ll need to budget before you begin, like the cost of pre-licensing courses vary per school and state, but you can expect to pay between $200 and $1000 for your courses.

3. Pass your state licensing exam.

Make sure you obtain an official real estate transcript or certification of completion from your school and a copy of your exam score to include in your real estate license application.

The licensing exam will take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours to complete depending on your state. Be prepared to pay an exam fee between $15 and $60.

The test will be approximately 100 multiple choice questions and cover national and state principles and laws.

4. File a real estate license application.

This is the next step, after you have successfully passed the exam, submit your test results, license application, and application fees.

Check your state’s real estate commission to find out whether you need to have Errors and Omissions (E&O): E&O insurance protects real estate agents from financial losses and lawsuits.

Your brokerage will sell you E&O insurance but if that does not happen you might be required to obtain it before you submit your application.

In every state, you must be at least 18 or 19 years old and have either a high school diploma to apply for a real estate license.  Your license will take between one week and two months to process.

5. Find a real estate brokerage (Real Estate License in USA)

Although you have your license, that does mean you can start selling houses right away most states require you to work with a real estate broker.

Therefore, a real estate brokerage is simply an agency or office where real estate agents work. You’ll need a brokerage to generate income, it’s a good idea to find a broker before graduating from your training course.

Types of Brokerage

let’s check some types of brokerage

Boutique-Style Brokerages Smaller or local brokerages may provide personalized training and more room for growth and advancement.

Virtual Brokerages Benefits of working with a virtual brokerage include higher commission splits, lower desk fees, and better technology.

National Franchises National franchises like Keller Williams Realty, RE/MAX LLC, and Coldwell Banker provide structured training etc.

Commission Structure (Real Estate License in USA)

Before accepting an offer from a brokerage, make sure you understand their commission structure.

Traditional Split Plans: You get 50% of the commission and your brokerage gets the other half.

High-Split Plans: You get a higher percentage of the commission from 70% to 100% but these commission plans are usually accompanied by high monthly desk fees.

Hybrid Plans: These plans combine attributes of the two plans listed above. Hybrid plans usually offer agents a 70% split at the beginning of the year and increase that rate to 100% when agents meet certain monetary goals.

6. (NAR) Join the National Association of Realtors

If you have passed through license and sponsoring brokerage, you’re a realtor but something is missing. You must join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to call yourself a REALTOR®.

If you aren’t a member of NAR, you claim the title of real estate agent, your earning potential is limited without access to the MLS.

7. Renew your license regularly

You know getting the real estate license was not easy, so don’t forget to renew it. Check your state’s requirements to see when your license will expire.

Normally, real estate license usually expire after every two or four years, Check with your state’s licensing office to learn their renewal requirements.

What did you really learn from today’s survey?

Read More: Meanwhile, on this page you can find out more about this on Or maybe you have a question that has been bothering you from what you just read about Real Estate License in USA. Either way, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. And I’d be happy to get back to you.

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