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Google Account | Gmail Login | Create New Account | Reset Account & Password



The Google Account is the giant of all other online Account Email or Non-email account just as Facebook is the giant of other social media; Google is not just as Web Search engine but a Full Technology Company said by Google CEO Larry ⇑⇓. Meanwhile, Google has numerous Products and services which are free of charge to all Google Account Owner. 

Google Account

What are the list of Google Products and services?

Here are the list of Google free products and services which you can access with your Google Account on the Go;

  • Gmail ‘Google Email ⇑⇓
  • Google Map
  • Inbox by Google
  • Google My Business
  • Google Calendar
  • Translation by Google
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Doc
  • Drive by Google ‘Google Online Storage’
  • Google+
  • Google Photo
  • Hangout
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Allo
  • YouTube
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Wallet
  • Chrome-cast
  • More …⇑⇓

What is a Google Account?

Google have designed a Means to organize all their users around the World with a Single ID ‘Google Account ⇑⇓‘. This is a free Account by Google to access all products and services on the Go with a Username and Password as a Google Account Owner.

Who is a Google Account Owner?

Everyone is qualified to have a Google Account once you meet-up with Googles Terms and Conditions. However, we recommend you to read the terms of Service ⇑⇓ before moving ahead on this page to create new Google Account. But do you have the Account ACTIVE now? … you need a secure and swift steps to Login Google Account on the Go e.g Gmail Login or Registration, Google Map Visibility, Google Calendar  & Alarm setup and more other Google related Activities are what you will learn from this page.

Requirements to Create New Google Account ‘Gmail Sign up’

It’s true that Google New Account registration is still free of charge today but you have to make your account regurgitation or Sign up with a correct account details.

List of Google Sign-up Requirements;

  • Legal or Correct Name
  • Region / Country
  • Choice of Username e.g
  • Choice of Password
  • Mobile Number
  • Alternative Email ‘Reason for a better Account security and password recovery or Rest’.

Besides the Above personal requirements, for you create new account you will need these requirements to help you more on Web Access.

  • Google Official Website @ ⇑⇓
  • Mobile or PC Device
  • Internet connection 3G, 4G, or WiFi
  • Web Browser like Chrome

Steps   on    How    to    Create   Google     Account

Once, you have the above registration requirements both the first and second. Then, follow these few steps to create a New Gmail Account on the go;

  1. Launch a Browser and Go to Google Sign up page ⇑⇓
  2. Tap on Create new Account Button to Proceed
  3. Fill the Account Registration Form with the recommend Requirements
  4. Tap on Next Page button below to proceed
  5. Enter Account Verification Code sent to account Mobile Number
  6. Tap on verify Account to proceed
  7. Now, you enter an alternative Email address for better account security and recovery.
  8. Click Submit to create a account.

Steps   to   Gmail Login  | Login Google Account

Login to your Google New or Old account on the go but first you must make sure the address is secure that means it a green Padlock at the beginning of the address.  If so, login to your account as follows;

  • Tap on the login Button to access account login page
  • Enter the login requirements as follows;
  • Click Login Button below to Proceed

On the Account page e.g Gmail – You can access all your inbox, sent mail, draft, spam folders and more send SMS via mail.

Can’t Access my Account why?

If you can’t access your account on the go with your assume Username and Password, there are some factors which may be hindering the activity which many be one of the following;

  • Incorrect Account Password
  • Incorrect Account Username
  • Not login account from a secure End e.g Check your Web browser or use Chrome or chromium
  • Incorrect Login Page or Address

Note every Google embedded image with login page is the official Google page. That is will, we are here to guide you on which is the official Google Account Login Page. Let’s right on;

To access your Google New or Old Account from a secure end here are the steps and links to follow Above but if you don’t and can’t access your account make you reset or recovery in a blink of an eye to regain your account full time again;

  1.  Access from a secure browser and tap on Sign in at the left Top Right-side of the page
  2. Tap on Forget Password Button Below the login button to proceed
  3. Enter Account Alternative Email Address ‘Hope you are seeing the work of adding alternative email during registration’.
  4. Login to Alternative email inbox to Access reset Link and Tap on it
  5. Enter New password and Confirm password
  6. Submit to make Changes

Now, you can login to Google Account ⇑⇓ on the go!

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