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Glo MiFi 4G LTE WiFi manager – 10 times Faster | Buy mobile Wifi | Share Data + 16GB bonus



Simply stated, Wi-Fi is essentially a wireless network standard, while a MiFi is an internet device which has Wi-Fi built into it. And unlike Wi-Fi that provides internet connectivity for wireless devices via fixed Wi-Fi hotspots, MiFi allows you to connect your devices to the internet when you’re on the move.

Meanwhile, Glo MiFi 4G LTE WiFi manager, do you encounter issues with your mobile network during browsing? Try Glo MiFi today and receive 10 times internet speed today.

Glo MiFi 4G LTE WiFi manager

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Glo Mobile WiFi latest update is the solution to today’s low internet speed in downloading and uploading files through the web, web navigation smooth flow as you should know is always determined by the kind of network service provider we use.

Glo MiFi 4G LTE WiFi manager – Glo mobile WiFi Full reviews

For more clarification take a read through on this questions and see how it will help you in solving browsing issues today with the help of Glo MiFi:

How often do you visit the web?
How do you browser the internet today?
Which type if browser do you make use of?
Do you share or wish to share you data plan with friends?
How do you intend to get connect with friend ‘s’ who don’t have internet device as of the moment?
How will Glo mifi or Glo WiFi help in solving internet speed issues?

Glo mifi or Glo WiFi or Mobile WiFi is an internet speed booster which has the ability to increase you normal modem internet speed 10 times the normal. This device is a full WiFi manager on will you can get to share the network with 10 firnes withing the normal range of 10 meters and more if no signal obstruction like walls more of buildings and more.

Are summing a vacuum surrounding, glo mifi will travel a longer ranger up to 2 time the normal WiFi range of connectivity and still give up to 10 times a normal modem speed.

Glo MiFi on Download speed reviews

Believe you me, that if you live an internet lifestyle this device can help you enjoy the the web as a home not just a place. It is very nice that as time to time someone should visit the web for their always say knowledge is power. You can learn a lot from the web today.

still, if an to tell you to know then note that there is no task which you can’t get a Gide if not the the full guide from the internet net today.
Meanwhile, most at a time the kind of browser we make use of can still determine the speed of the web on our own side.

You should know that there are some websites or blog-site which do not support some browsers if not partially then in full. These are some of the things anyone who do visit the web can still notice for example.

Some TV series and show download sites like Toxicwap, o2tvseries and more other which are free entertainment download websites do advice their visitors who are using mobile phones to navigate their site for download with UC browser. The question here is why should it be UC browser.

Here is the answer to you why question, today UC do work perfectly on downloading streaming videos and most movies online have to stream first be download and with UC browser as you click to streaming immediately a download button will pop out asking you to select the movie format you wish to download the content with. But that is not all because with UC browser if you are running short of data plan you can pulse the download to resume letter just like Snaptube and Vidmate video downloaders.

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How to get more data on each Glo mifi or Glo line Subscription

For you to get additional data bonus you have to be on Glo DAT automatic renewal and here is how to join glo auto data renewal.

First, you should have active data bundle on your Glo sim card and the following

Send ‘ ACCEPT ‘ to 127 from your active Glo sim

Any time your data auto renews you will get more data bonus

Not you can still cancel the automatic renewal any time you want just as follow

Send ‘ CANCEL ‘ to 127 and the renewal will stop

How to share Glo data subscription with friends both far and near your location.

Glo as the Ground master of Data have made it possible that friends can share data plans with themselves no matter their various location.

Do you know? Currently, I stay in Lagos but my data bundle is been shared with my sister in ABUJA and my other 4 friends scattered across Nigeria.

Note whether it is your sim card that is the data host sim or not, you can browse when ever you want provided you have a battery on your phone and the data bundle still remains.

Here is how to share that on Glo network the Ground master of Data

You can use this simple codes…

Dial *127*01* your friends number# to Add a friend

You can still remove him or her at anytime with this code

Dial *127*02* your friends number# to remove a friend

This is another method of glo data sharing using *777#

Dial *777# and select 1 which is Buy data

Select option 3 which is share data

Next, Select either of these portions

1. Share
2. Unshared

Enter the number you wish to share data with for option 1 or the number you wish to remove from your data sharing for option 2.

Note, you can use this code to check you remaining data volume for when it finishes and you didn’t renew you will then be browsing on flexi recharge at N1 per MB.

Dial *127*0# to check data

Dial *123*Pin# to recharge you sim

Follow this guide to make a Glo subscription

Dial *777# and select buy data option 1

Select another option 1 buy 3G -4 G data plan

Select either of the following

1. Mini plans
2. Monthly plans
3. Mega plans
4. Campus plans and more

If monthly plan select option 2 and the ranging from 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000 and so on will appear to select the one you want and the a month will be removed from your mobile line and you will be credited with more of data.

You can still check your bonus if you are Glo bumpa plan and you can migrate free if you have not in one month before now as follows

How to migrate to Glo bumps and get 200% what every you recharge at any time

To migrate dail *100*10*1#

How to check bonus dial #122*2#

How to know your Glo number dial *170*54#

Do you know that glo now night subscriptions which starts from 12:00am to 05:00am ‘ 00:00 to 05:00 ‘ in the morning just for N50 to get 1000MB. You can dail *127*60# to subscribe your night plan or you can send 60 to 127 to activate.

Glo mifi configurations | Price | where to buy

Glo mifi or Glo mobile WiFi has the following specifications as follows

Battery voltage rate 3.8V

Capacity 1500mAh/5.7Wh

Charge voltage 4.35V

Rang of connection 10 meters gap

One sim space

Connection 10 users at a time

Price N16,000

You can scan the bar code to connect

Buy now from Glo The Grandmaster of Data

Glo the Ground Master of Data has done it all on the Glo mifi ‘ Glo Mobile WiFi


Read More: Meanwhile, on this page you can find out more about this on Or maybe you have a question that has been bothering you from what you just read about Glo MiFi 4G LTE WiFi manager. Either way, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and I’d be happy to get back to you.



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