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A.K.A Gmail – Google Account Registration | Login and Password



If you want us to learn more about Gmail then let us talk about the Google Account Registration, delete and recovery on your device. I know Gmail might no longer be a new thing but there are some certain features you might not know that Gmail offers. creating a Gmail account is very easy and you can do that with your phone or desktop device.

Google Account Registration

Gmail is a prominent email platform with a great number of users, however there are other email accounts but Gmail stands out among all. In this post we will discuss more about Gmail, various ways for Gmail Account Sign up Delete and Recovery. Also how to remove account you do not want to operate on again.


Building up a Gmailย 

Firstly, Gmail account helps to store your vital information, send and receive mails very easily and ensure security.

Therefore, for you to make use of the Gmail features then you must have a Registered Google account.

In addition to that, you will need a username and password to log into your account and this will be from the details you filled up during registration.


One of the things you must know is that creating the account is free and easy, all you need is just to fill up a little of your personal details.

So what are the personal details you need to set up a Gmail account? Few details like name, birth month, gender, personal number etc will be needed.

Gmail account does not only secure the ownerโ€™s information, it also allows the user to merge other accounts in it.

Before we move further, let us see some basic features inside the Gmail Account Sign up Delete and Recovery.

Basic Features of the Gmail Account when You Sign up

The below features has their own characteristics or their work schedule for the Gmail account. For example: The INBOX receives messages sent to the mail by other accounts, SENT shows messages the user sends to other email accounts. while HANGOUTS is a platform where the user can chat with other email users with his/her email account, SPAMS shows irrelevant messages or messages from suspected false accounts, TRASH shows unwanted or deleted messages etc.

  1. INBOX
  4. SENT
  7. CHATS (hangouts)
  11. SPAM
  12. SEARCH
  13. TRASH

Merits of Gmail (Gmail Account Sign up Delete and Recovery)

Letโ€™s look at the amazing good things users of Gmail will enjoy when they operate their account.

  • Search and filter
  • Email storage
  • Email grouping
  • Customize platform
  • Compatibility
  • More tools
  • Message review

Connecting with other emails.

  • Search & filter: do you know that every gmail account has these feature, you can use the search option to review previous messages. It helps you locate messages so easily and you can just key in a little keyword on what you are looking for then it will load showing messages wit that keyword.
  • Email storage: emails or messages coming into the account gets saved up automatically and even after you read them, the messages are still there unless you delete or trash the unwanted ones. The account can store thousands of messages, also there is an opportunity for you to buy more storage space if needed. integration
  • Email grouping: this is one of the features most people do not know. The Gmail account allows the user to group related messages for ease. This feature is very nice for people who really want to use selected messages for a specific purpose (maybe business).
  • Customize platform: do you know that you can actually customize your email platform? Your email interface can be different from others depending on how you set the theme.

What More You Needย  —ย

  • Compatibility: the Gmail account is compatible to all devices like mobile phones and computer devices. So each user can log into the account using their phones or computer devices.
  • More tools: there is a room for more additional tools to the account. Gmail introduce a G-suit platform. You can also import contacts directly to your email account.
  • Message review: the end point to a message review will show if it is from a real source or false source. Gmail has a way of grouping out messages that are from a false source as SPAM just like I mentioned in the features above. So the account ensures spam messages are detected and virus as well.
  • Connecting other emails: this is another good feature that Gmail account offers to its users because it acts as a chief connector to other emails within that email platform. This will make it easier for you to access all your different emails at the same time when ย you are using your Gmail.

Various Steps on Gmail Account Sign Up

So let us look at the steps on how to create a new Gmail account. You have to fill up the Gmail form with your correct profile details.

  1. The first thing is to do is to go to your browser and key in the word: com allow the page to load.
  2. When the page loads, you should click on the sign up or create account.
  3. A new form or page will load up for you to fill, here you will giver your correct personal details.
  4. The first thing to fill is your first and last name.
  5. Next step is to text in your choice of email address which will be your username (if your choice of email address is emeka attached to , then that becomes your username.) you can also include letters and numbers to the name you choose here. Do not write already used email because it will not be accepted.

more steps below!!

  1. Furthermore, you have to key in your password and confirm the password under again. Please write a very strong password you can remember very easily. Password length should be 8 characters long and above.
  2. Your phone number and maybe a recovery email address is needed. You have to put in the recovery space and email address you know very well because it can be used to recover your lost password with your current email address creation.
  3. Enter your date of birth and your gender(male or female)as well in the next space available.
  4. Then click on the next button down at the end of the page for the new one to load.
  5. When the page loads, the next is to verify your phone number or email. For the verification, you will receive a 6 digit code or phone call telling you the code.
  6. Key in the code and you are done.
  7. Finally, the next step is to accept the terms and conditions and you are ready to use your new Gmail account.

NOTE: next time you want to log into the email account, just write the Gmail website, when the page loads you will key in your username and password to log in.


Gmail Password Recovery (Gmail Account Sign up Delete and Recovery)

Since we have learn so much about Gmail account creation or sign up, it will be best to know the steps that can helps us to recover the password if we lose them someday.

Most people always forget their password and then you see them rushing off to open up a new email address.

Consequently, I have decided to include the steps we can use to retrieve our email password very easy for use.

However, before we move on to this, you must answer some questions to retrieve them and of course remember the recovery email we talked about during Gmail sign up.

So letโ€™s quickly move on to the password email recovery.

FAQS or Questions You need to Answer during Gmail Password Recovery

Below are the few questions you will answer during the password recovery and this questions will help to verify your account.

Code verification point:

this is one of the questions that you will see and it will be based on the previous information you used during account sign up. The codes will be sent to you depending on the previous method you selected. Example-

  • The code can come through two factor authentication (an SMS will be sent immediately).
  • Also, through a phone call with the number you used for sign up which should be active.
  • Though active phone number.
  • Finally, through an email address you used during sign up.

Question on the previous password:

  • Google can ask or require your old password, and so if you still remember the old password then key it in.

Security question:

  • this is just one secret question you were asked during sign up which you need to fill in the answer only. The secret question is usually simple but it depends on the choice you earlier made during registration.
  • Birth month and year can also be asked, so you should remember that as well.

Recovery email address:

  • if you look at the steps above, we talked about attaching another email to the registration details. Well, now is the time so type in the recovery address and a link will be sent to it to help you recover the account.

Steps for Gmail Password Recovery

  • Firstly, be sure that you have another email address you included in the Gmail account.
  • So, log in to your Gmail account and type in the email address.
  • Next step, you cannot put in your password because you have forgotten it, so instead tap on the forgot password under.
  • Some questions will pop out to verify if the account is yours and to show if you are the authentic user.
  • Therefore, you should answer the questions carefully and correctly. They are easy and something you filled before during account creation or sign up.
  • When you answer any of the question, tap on next button.
  • You can use โ€œtry another wayโ€ when you do not know the answers to the question.
  • Finally, if you complete the steps above, your account will open and you can set a new password for the email by following the link that you will receive.

I guess the above steps and information on the password recovery is very useful to you. However, letโ€™s move on to how you can delete your Gmail account permanently if you do not want to make use of it again.

What are the Steps to Delete my Gmail Account ?

Firstly, you are allowed to have many email address as you want as long as you remember their password and details.

Deleting your email account shows that you are no longer interested in operating the email again and as such you are willing to lose messages in it.

Once you are done with removing the account, friends cam no longer contact and send emails to you using the email address.

Therefore, without wasting much of your time, here are the simple steps to delete or cancel your Gmail account completely.

NOTE: please know that you can perform these task by using your desktop device. Adhere to the instruction strictly.

Steps to Delete or Cancel my Gmail Account

  • The first step is for you to log into your email account ( the email you created with your details and information about you but you no longer wants to use).
  • Once you are logged in: go to Google account settings.
  • Therefore, the next step is for you to select this: data and personalization
  • The page will load and ten you have to scroll down a little to the point where you can see download, delete account or make a plan for your data.
  • Next, tap on the button> delete a service or your account (here you can delete the account and clear the data or information in the account).
  • What next? Choose delete a service when the page opens.
  • However, before the delete a service request will be complete, Google will ask you to log into your account.
  • The page that appears next will ask you to download data before deleting any Google service. Then below you will choose the service you want to delete.

see more!!

  • Below you will see list of various Google service: Google+, YouTube, Gmail, play games.
  • Tap on the Gmail option to delete service.
  • A pop up notification will show immediately you tap on the Gmail option to delete service.
  • In the notification, you will need to write another email address that you have access to apart from the one you want to delete ( you must have access to the email because it will help you to cancel the account completely).
  • Once you are done with that, then click on: send verification email.
  • An immediate message will be sent to the email you just entered for you to complete the deletion.
  • The message reads (Gmail deletion confirmation), click on it.
  • Follow the link in the message to delete.
  • Click on the yes I want to delete my Gmail account when it is displayed.
  • Finally, tap on delete and you are done. However, once you are done with the account deletion, you cannot retrieve the account back again.

Follow the steps smoothly and you will be able to achieve your task.

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