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Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship 2022 at International Training Centre – Italy



However, Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship 2022: The International Training Centre at ITALY of the International Labour Organization (the Centre), the training arm of the ILO, is inviting applications for its Junior Programme Officer posts in the Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP)

Employers Activities Programme

Therefore, the Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) is a specialized unit within the ILO Secretariat. Its task is to maintain close and direct relations with Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) in member States, to make the ILO’s resources available to them, and to keep the ILO constantly aware of their views, concerns, and priorities.

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Moreover, ACT/EMP seeks to foster well-functioning EBMOs, which are important actors in shaping an environment conducive to competitive and sustainable enterprises, good governance, political and social stability, democracy, and socio-economic development. ACT/EMP assists EBMOs in building strong, independent, and representative organizations that respond to their members´ needs and challenges through its technical cooperation program, which provides assistance to EBMOs in developing and transition countries.

Relationship Management with Employers: Employers represent one of the three ILO constituencies that make up its tripartite structure. ACT/EMP provides technical support to the Employers’ Group in ILO governance structures and ILO meetings. In addition, ACT/EMP works in close cooperation with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), which acts as the Secretariat for the Employer’s Group and is independent of the ILO.

Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship

Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship 2022: The International Training Centre at ITALY of the International Labour Organization (the Centre), the training arm of the ILO, is inviting applications for its Junior Programme Officer posts in the Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP)

  • Application Deadline: 16th March 2022
  • Eligible Countries: International Labour Organisation member states (Applications from qualified candidates from member States in under-represented regions (Africa, Arab States, and Asia-Pacific) would be particularly welcome.
  • To Be Taken At (Country): Turin, Italy

About Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship:

Therefore, the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (the Centre) is the training arm of the ILO, the Specialized Agency of the United Nations, which promotes social justice and human rights in the world of work.

This position is located in the Employers’ Activities Programme (ACTEMP)

ACTEMP provides training to strengthen employers’ representatives in areas that are strategic for economic growth, governance, development, and poverty alleviation. We believe that employers and business associations can make significant contributions to sustainable development and therefore help Employers’ Organizations around the world to become more representative and effective voices of business.

Type: Internship

Eligibility for Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship:

  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics, international relations, or political science
  2. Languages: English and Spanish, French as an asset
  3. IT Skills: Good quantitative skills, excellent writing skills in English and Spanish
  4. Other Skills: Experience working with economic development projects or macroeconomic analysis will be consider a relevant plus


  • At least three years of professional experience in a junior-level managerial position in an Employers’ Business Member Organizations (EBMOs) or in a private company.
  • Experience in the administration and implementation of training activities and experience in an international environment would be consider as assets.


  • Excellent knowledge of English and working knowledge of French or Spanish.
  • Knowledge of a third working language of the Centre would be considered an asset

Core competencies

  1. Adaptability: the ability to adapt to major changes in work tasks or in the work environment.
  2. Client Service: ability to meet client needs effectively (internal and external).
  3. Collaboration: Ability to develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate work goals.
  4. Communication: ability to communicate by clearly conveying information to individuals or groups.
  5. Initiative: act promptly to accomplish objectives, including beyond what is required.
  6. Integrity: ability to maintain social, ethical, and organizational norms and adhere to codes of conduct and ethical principles.
  7. Knowledge management: continuously develop and update professional knowledge base; assimilate and apply new job-related information in a timely manner.
  8. Sensitivity to diversity: open to accommodating the differences found in other cultures, between genders, and to interact effectively with people of different cultures.

Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship

Level competencies

  1. Decision-making: analysis, judgment, and problem solving
  2. Managing work: ability to manage one’s time and resources effectively to ensure that work is completed efficiently.

Technical competencies

  1. Good research and writing skills: interest and capacity in research and in writing concisely, clearly, and with an in-depth approach;
  2. Excellent knowledge on functioning and role of Employers’ and Business Member Organisations;
  3. Good knowledge in at least one of the following ILO technical areas relevant to the Programme for Employers Activities: employment policies, the responsible business conducts in the global supply chain, skills development, social dialogue, and industrial relations.
  4. Full competence in using standard computer applications, particularly software for training aids development (PPT, PREZI, and others)
  5. Good knowledge of training methodologies for adult learners, including distance-learning modality would be considered an asset.

Personal Skills

  • Capacity to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to plan and organize work.
  • Ability to work with team spirit, within the Programme, and with other Centre units.

Number of Awards: Not specified

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Value of Employers Activities Programme (ACTEMP) Internship: The monthly amount of stipend is fixed at € 500.00. No other payment of any kind shall be made to an intern by the Centre in connection with an internship agreement.

Duration of Program: 6 months: 1 April to 30 September 2022

How to Apply:

All candidates must complete an online application form.

Instructions for online application procedures are available on the Program Webpage (see Link below).

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

About Italy

Italy is a country consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and several islands surrounding it, whose territory largely coincides with the homonymous geographical region. Italy is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe; it is also consider part of Western Europe.

A unitary parliamentary republic with Rome as its capital and largest city, the country covers a total area of 301,230 km2 (116,310 sq mi) and shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, as well as the enclaved microstates of Vatican City and San Marino. Italy has a territorial exclave in Switzerland, Campione. With around 60 million inhabitants, Italy is the third-most populous member state of the European Union.

Due to its central geographic location in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Italy has historically been home to myriad peoples and cultures. In addition to the various ancient peoples dispersed throughout what is now modern-day Italy, the most predominant being the Indo-European Italic peoples who gave the peninsula its name, beginning from the classical era, Phoenicians and Carthaginians founded colonies mostly in insular Italy, Greeks established settlements in the so-called Magna Graecia of Southern Italy, while Etruscans and Celts inhabited central and northern Italy respectively.

An Italic tribe was known as the Latins

An Italic tribe known as the Latins formed the Roman Kingdom in the 8th century BC, which eventually became a republic with a government of the Senate and the People. The Roman Republic initially conquered and assimilated its neighbors on the Italian peninsula, eventually expanding and conquering parts of Europe, North Africa, and Asia. By the first century BC, the Roman Empire emerged as the dominant power in the Mediterranean Basin and became a leading cultural, political and religious center, inaugurating the Pax Romana, a period of more than 200 years during which Italy’s law, technology, economy, art, and literature developed.

During the Early Middle Ages, Italy endured the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Barbarian Invasions, but by the 11th century numerous rival city-states and maritime republics, mainly in the northern and central regions of Italy, became prosperous through trade, commerce, and banking, laying the groundwork for modern capitalism.

These mostly independent statelets served as Europe’s main trading hubs with Asia and the Near East, often enjoying a greater degree of democracy than the larger feudal monarchies that were consolidating throughout Europe; however, part of central Italy was under the control of the theocratic Papal States, while Southern Italy remained largely feudal until the 19th century, partially as a result of a succession of Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Angevin, Aragonese, and other foreign conquests of the region.

The Renaissance began in Italy

The Renaissance began in Italy and spread to the rest of Europe, bringing a renewed interest in humanism, science, exploration, and art. Italian culture flourished, producing famous scholars, artists, and polymaths. During the Middle Ages, Italian explorers discovered new routes to the Far East and the New World, helping to usher in the European Age of Discovery.

Nevertheless, Italy’s commercial and political power significantly waned with the opening of trade routes that bypassed the Mediterranean. Centuries of foreign meddling and conquest, and the rivalry and infighting between the Italian city-states, such as the Italian Wars of the 15th and 16th centuries, left Italy politically fragmented, and it was further conquered and divided among multiple foreign European powers over the centuries.

By the mid-19th century

By the mid-19th century, rising Italian nationalism and calls for independence from foreign control led to a period of revolutionary political upheaval. After centuries of foreign domination and political division, Italy was almost entirely unified in 1861 following a war of independence, establishing the Kingdom of Italy. From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Italy rapidly industrialized, mainly in the north, and acquired a colonial empire, while the south remained largely impoverished and excluded from industrialization, fuelling a large and influential diaspora.

Despite being one of the victorious allied powers in World War I, Italy entered a period of economic crisis and social turmoil, leading to the rise of the Italian fascist dictatorship in 1922. Participation in World War II on the Axis side ended in military defeat, economic destruction, and civil war. Following the rise of the Italian Resistance and the liberation of Italy, the country abolished its monarchy, established a democratic Republic, enjoyed a prolonged economic boom, and became a highly developed country.

Italy has an advanced economy

Italy has an advanced economy. The country is the eighth-largest by nominal GDP (third in the European Union), the sixth-largest by national wealth, and the third-largest by central bank gold reserve. It ranks highly in life expectancy, quality of life, healthcare, and education. Meanwhile, the country is a great power and it has a significant role in regional and global economic, military, cultural, and diplomatic affairs.

Italy is a founding and leading member of the European Union and a member of numerous international institutions, including the United Nations, NATO, the OECD, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Group of Seven, the G20, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Latin Union, the Council of Europe, Uniting for Consensus, the Schengen Area, and many more.

In Conclusion

Therefore, the source of many inventions and discoveries, the country has long been a global center of art, music, literature, philosophy, science and technology, and fashion, and has greatly influenced and contributed to diverse fields including cinema, cuisine, sports, jurisprudence, banking, and business. Meanwhile, as a reflection of its cultural wealth, Italy has the world’s largest number of World Heritage Sites and is the fifth-most visit(ed) country.

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