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Art Schools near me in list of art schools in the World



Do you love Art and you wish to Go top Art Schools? Here are the Top list of Art Schools you will Love to attend. There are many Art Schools Near Me and You but do to lack of Information you may not have hired or come across them on the go!

Art Schools

Meanwhile, there are still more you need to get on to with about list of Art Schools in the World. University Art Schools in the World. Carnegie Mellon School of Art. Columbia University School of the Arts. Lamar Dodd School of Art. Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Mason Gross School of the Arts. More you need.


Art Schools near me from the list of Art Schools in the World

There are colleges everywhere that have an art program. Each one can offer great instruction. If you are planning to attend a school for their art program always determine what the curriculum is and what degree you can earn. Some only offer an associate’s
degree while others can offer much more. You will have to make the choice as to what you want from the school.

Here is a list of art schools to consider.


Explore Art Degree Programs in Technology, Administration and the Fine Arts

Although many who pursue a career as an artist are innately talented, those who really succeed also take the steps to become educated in their preferred medium. Raw talent alone is not always enough to help an artist build a promising career.


Coupled with a solid educational foundation gained from an accredited art school, however, they are better equipped for success.

In this guide, prospective art students can find comprehensive information on how to choose the best art school, the various types of art degrees available, and which careers they can expect to enter post-graduation.

Popular Art Degrees and Program Options

Be it in music, fashion, or visual arts, prospective art students will find a program that caters to the medium that gets their creative juices flowing. Art school is a rewarding undertaking, and one that can help students nurture their artistic abilities and expression, while simultaneously learning the profession’s best business practices.

There are a number of schools and degree programs designed to impart this wisdom and move students closer to their dreams of an artistic and creative career. Explore some of the most popular art fields for an idea of what is available:

A degree program in fine arts is a great option for creative individuals seeking advanced knowledge in art specialty fields such as fashion design, music production and performing arts.

To help prospective students find the best art schools, we compiled a list of the top art programs in the country by weighing schools based on important factors such as cost, financial aid opportunities, class size, program count and graduation rates. Explore the best art schools for 2018-2019-2020 below.

Converse College

At Converse College, art and design students can study studio art, art education, interior design, and art history. There are also music and theater programs available. At the undergraduate level, the school is a women’s college; graduate programs are co-ed.

Curriculum combines the arts with professional management skills, helping students to work towards a career as they explore their passion. Professors encourage communication, creativity, and scholarship.

Students have access to college services including a wellness center and career planning resources. The school also hosts guest artists whose work is displayed in an on-campus gallery, and who participate in question and answer sessions with students during “gallery talks” events.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

With 19 undergraduate programs, nine graduate programs, and additional certificate and post-baccalaureate programs, Massachusetts College of Art and Design has a wide selection of programs for aspiring art students. Areas of study range from animation to fashion design, with teaching programs available at the master’s level.

Students can also study architecture at the undergraduate or master’s level. Participants in different program areas are encouraged to work together through the school’s new MassArt Design and Media Center, fostering multidisciplinary collaborations.

Community engagement is another important element of MassArt’s programs, and curriculum includes projects outside of the classroom at local schools, hospitals, and community organizations.

Curtis Institute

Curtis Institute of Music is a small, tuition-free school for musicians that focuses its curriculum on “learning by doing.” Students perform frequently as part of their studies in over 200 concerts given by the school each year.

Learners also perform internationally with school touring groups. In addition to its more selective traditional courses, the school offers online and summer music courses for a wider body of students. Classes and performances take place in historic mansions, and about half of the student body lives in the school’s residence hall.

Student activities include a traditional midweek tea every Wednesday afternoon, which brings together students and faculty for a casual gathering.

The University of the Arts

Students at The University of the Arts study fine arts, graphic and industrial design, film, dance, and music, with a choice of 41 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Numerous minors are available, allowing students to follow additional artistic pursuits or combine their creative learning with business or technology studies to market themselves for a specific career path after graduation.

Undergraduate students can also choose to minor in art therapy as preparation for entry into an art therapy master’s degree program. The school is located in downtown Philadelphia, giving its students easy access to renowned theaters, art galleries, and museums.


Villa Maria College

Villa Maria College offers a fine arts associate’s degree program that prepares students to work in a variety of entry level positions, including display worker, illustrator, photographer, and set designer.

Curriculum guides students to gain experience with numerous materials and methods in studio courses. The school provides its art students with three studios for drawing and painting; printmaking facilities with photo exposure units and a screen printing press; and a family art gallery where students can share their work and see collections from peers, faculty, and local artists.

In addition to arts courses, students take two English composition courses, a math course, and several liberal arts electives.

Viterbo University

At Viterbo University, students majoring in art choose a concentration in their specific area of interest, with options including design, sculpture, interdisciplinary media, and pre-art therapy.

In addition to the traditional bachelor of arts program, the school offers a bachelor of fine arts honors program designed for those who plan to pursue a masters of fine arts after graduation.

Students are admitted to the BFA art program after a portfolio review in their sophomore year. The four-year curriculum includes electives where students can experiment with new mediums, as well as general education requirements.

Student, faculty, and visiting artists’ works are displayed in an on-campus gallery that is open to the public.

Andrews University

Andrews University’s art department has programs in art, design, photography, and documentary film. Students have the opportunity to participate in study tours, where fine art students and faculty travel to international locations to visit museums and study art history.

The university provides its students with imaging services, including mounting. Rental of film and video equipment, and art and photography supplies.

The school has a Christian foundation and faculty serve as mentors both in art and academic skills, as well as in their religious spirit. Graduates of the school’s art department find careers as illustrators, teachers, studio artists, gallery owners, and missionaries.

Jacksonville University

Aspiring artists at Jacksonville University study dance, music, theater, and visual arts at the undergraduate level. The school also offers choreography and visual arts at the graduate level, with low-residency programs that include summer intensive sessions, distance courses, and mentor relationships.

Prospective students apply with auditions and portfolio reviews conducted in January, February, and March. Students in the dance program participate in two main-stage dance concerts and several other performances throughout the year.

Theater students gain skills on and off stage, with training in acting, production, stage lighting, and management. The school’s music program offer tracks in music performance or composition, music education, and music business.

Brenau University

Art and design programs at Brenau University offer coursework in fashion design, fashion merchandising, and studio art. A portfolio review is not required for entry, but students are encouraged to submit one if they are interested in a scholarship.

Programs include required general education courses in various academic subjects, giving students some flexibility in their career options after graduation.

Although transfer students are accepted, the school does not recommend that students plan to take all art courses within two years after transferring.

Art courses require extensive time in the studio, and should be spread out over the course of the degree program.

Marlboro College

Arts programs at Marlboro College include visual arts, dance, painting, film and video studies, music, and theater, among others. Curriculum includes the formal vocabulary of the chosen medium so that students can critique their work and discuss the work of their peers.

Many of the arts programs allow students to combine their studies with another field, such as biology, history, or politics, for a cross-disciplinary degree program.

Students benefit from several services provided by the school, including a health center and career development assistance. Marlboro College is also committed to sustainability, with a greenhouse and farm on campus.

Temple University

Temple University’s Tyler School of Art offers a wide variety of majors, including programs in less common fields like glass, horticulture, and fibers. Students can also study planning and community development, which focuses on developing designs and policies to solve the problems within communities.

Students can study abroad during the academic year or over the summer, gaining insight into different cultures and philosophies that can inspire artists. Study abroad programs are in place in Rome, Japan, and Scotland.

The school also has exchange programs within the United States for students majoring in ceramics/glass and painting, drawing, and sculpture.

SUNY Buffalo State

At Buffalo State, students can earn a bachelor of arts or fine arts. Minors are also available, giving students in other degree programs the opportunity to explore their creative side over the course of their degree program.

The school is located in Buffalo’s museum district, giving students easy access to cultural venues both on and off campus. The fine arts program also hosts a study aboard program to Siena, Italy, where students take courses in architecture, ceramics and painting, and Italian language.

The school’s visual arts board brings guest artists and lecturers to the campus. And takes students on trips to galleries and other art venues.

Mississippi College

Mississippi College is a Christian college that focuses on spiritual development and support. The Department of Art offers programs that lead to Bachelor’s. And Master’s degrees in art and allows students to explore the creation of art in a creative environment that exercises Christian values.

The degree programs focus on the exploration and development of traditional and contemporary skills in visual design and communication.

Students may choose a Bachelor of Arts in studio, graphic design, interior design, and art education. Graduate degrees require a focus or emphasis in one studio area.

Find Art Schools Near You

When choosing the right art school, many factors are a part of your decision.

Does the school have the right degree?

What degree level are you pursuing?

Will your classes be small or will you sit in a hall with 500 other people?

And last but not least, you have to consider the cost. The following search tool does the work for you. Select your preferences and you’ll see a list of schools that fit your criteria.

In Conclusion

There are many other fine art schools available both with campus learning or on line classes. Each one offers financial aid to its students. The ability to further your education is possible. Speak with a campus advisor to determine your needs.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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