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Work permit in USA: How to get a Work Permit and Visa for the USA – Used



Are you an international student seeking for admission to study abroad. Meanwhile, they also start up a work during the period of your studies in the country. There are practical ways to secure a work permit in USA and probably save up more for your future expenses. Therefore, most international students will not like to miss this wonderful opportunity. However there are steps to be able to get this work permit Visa if you follow up the instructions carefully.



If you are an international student studying in the US, you have the opportunity to work part-time but remember that you are restricted by the terms of your visa.


Just like I mention before, there are three preconditions that someone interested in obtaining a U.S work visa needs to fulfill before applying for it.

If you do not meet even one of these conditions, the Embassy might deny You your visa application. This will make you unable to travel to the U.S and work there.

How You can Work in the US

A variety of temporary work visas exist, and each will allow you to stay in the US for a specific and definite amount of time.


If you are interested in working in the United States, you may be interested in either obtaining a temporary work visa, or an employment based green card.

By obtaining an employment based green card, you will be considered a permanent resident due to your employment status.

Temporary Work Visas (Work permit in USA)

Depending on the kind of work you are seeking or have experience in already, there are a number of different options for individuals seeking temporary employment. These include temporary skilled worker visas, investor visas, business visitor visas, etc.

Why a U.S. Work Permit is Necessary

There are many U.S. work visas available, Foreign nationals wishing to work in the United States will be required to apply for a U.S. work visa.

Applicants must determine which ones they are eligible for, and how to apply correctly and prepare documentation on them.

Note: Employers must verify that their employees are authorized to work in the United States. Permanent residents, Asylees, refugees and certain non-immigrants have employment authorization as a direct result of their immigration status. The documentation the employee chooses to submit to show employment authorization varies depending on the employee’s immigration status or other basis for employment authorization.

FAQS on work permit (Work permit in USA)

Lets’ check out the questions that supports this work permit visa recommendation…

How long does it take to get a work permit?

It takes about 150–210 days (5–7 months) for USCIS to process work permit applications. (USCIS processed work permit applications within 90 days).

Who is not eligible for a work permit?

Considering the USCIS, if you are eligible for a family-based green card, you are also eligible for a work permit. Therefore so far you have a pending green card application (Form I-485), you may apply for the work permit.

Documents required (Work permit in USA)

The following documents are needed to apply for a work permit:

  • Copies of previous work permits (front and back), if there is any…
  • Two 2-inch-by-2-inch passport-style photos of yourself taken recently (print your full name and Alien Registration Number on the back of each with a pencil or felt-tip pen).
  • Copy of your I-94 travel record (front and back), if available, or a printout of your electronic I-94 obtained from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  • Copy of your U.S. visa (a document placed in your passport).
  • Duplicate of your passport photo page.
  • Copy of receipt notice (official acknowledgment letter) from USCIS that your green card application (Form I-485) is pending, but only if:
    • Your sponsor is a green card holder
    • Your sponsor is a U.S. citizen and you’re applying for a work permit after submitting your green card application (which would be unusual)

 submit a copy of one of the following forms of government-issued identification If you have not been issued a work permit before

  • Birth certificate and a photo ID
  • Copy of a visa (a document placed in your passport) that was issued by the consulate of a country other than the United States
  • Other national identity document with your photo and/or fingerprint

Work Visa USA Types (Work permit in USA)

Here are the types of US Temporary Work Visas:

  • H-2A visa: Temporary Agricultural Worker: For temporary or seasonal agricultural work. Limited to citizens or nationals of designated countries, with limited exceptions.
  • H-2B visa: Temporary Non-agricultural Worker: For temporary or seasonal non- agricultural work. Limited to citizens or nationals of designated countries, with limited exceptions.
  • H1B visa: Person in Specialty Occupation: This requires a higher education degree or its equivalent. Includes fashion models of distinguished merit and ability and government-to-government research and development.
  • H-1B1 visa: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional – Chile, Singapore: Requires a post-secondary degree involving at least four years of study in the field of specialization. (Note: This is not a petition-based visa.)
  • H-3 visa: Trainee or Special Education visitor: To receive training, other than graduate medical or academic, that is not available in the trainee’s home country or practical training programs in the education of children with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities.
  • I visa: Representatives of Foreign Media: The visa allows journalists and those who work in the information or media sector to complete their work while in the U.S.
  • P-1 visa: Individual or Team Athlete, or Member of an Entertainment Group:To perform at a specific athletic competition as an athlete or as a member of an entertainment group. Requires an internationally recognized level of sustained performance.
  • P-2 visa: Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group): For performance under a reciprocal exchange program between an organization in the United States and an organization in another country.
  • P-3 visa: Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group): To perform, teach or coach under a program that is culturally unique or a traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Work Permit

There are numerous classes of other people who can apply for a special “work permit” from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The categories include like K-1 fiance visa holders, asylees. People with a pending application for adjustment of status (a green card) spouses of various visa holders. While, people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). F-1 students experiencing economic hardship or seeking optional practical training (OPT), and so on.

The categories are too many to list here you can find a full list of them in the instructions that go with USCIS Form I-765 (the work permit application form).

However, there is no category for tourists (B-1 visa holders) or undocumented immigrants. USCIS will not grant these people permission to work in the United States.

How to Apply (Work permit in USA)

Meanwhile, there are several steps in the visa application process and after USCIS approves the Petition for a Non-immigrant Worker (Form I-129), you may apply for a visa.

The order of these steps and how you complete them may vary at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you apply.

Use the steps below to Complete The Online Visa Application

  • Online Non-immigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160 – Learn more about completing the DS-160. You must: 1) complete the online visa application and 2). Print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview.
  • Photo –You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160.

Schedule an Interview

While interviews are generally not required for applicants of certain ages outlined below. Consular officers have the discretion to require an interview of any applicant, regardless of age.

NOTE: You must schedule an appointment for your visa interview, generally. At the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live. You may schedule your interview at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate, but be aware that it may be difficult to qualify for a visa outside of your place of permanent residence.

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Work Permit

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