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How To Get A Work Permit In South Carolina



A work permit in the United States of America is an official certificate issued by the government to foreigners and minors for them to have legal authorization to be employed to do a job within the country. Since the importance of a work permit has been highly emphasized by the law. A lot of individuals especially foreigners may want to know how to obtain them.. Well in this article, we are going to be discussing how to get a work permit in South Carolina.

Work Permit In South Carolina

The state of South Carolina does not require work permits. A minor in South Carolina who is seeking employment will need to show the employer a legal document that shows their age; for example, a birth certificate or driver’s license.

About South Carolina

South Carolina is a southeastern state in the United of America that is bordered by North Carolina, it mostly made up of small towns and rural areas that are fast developing if you ask me.

South Carolina is known to have some of the most important and successful companies in the manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and technology industries. With an annual economic impact of more than $19 billion, these sectors have contributed massively to the development of the state’s economy. South Carolina can be said to be a safe place to live, it offers cheaper accommodation and a wide range of lucrative job opportunities, which is why foreigners especially, may want to earn a living there.

work permit SC(for minors)

Unlike many other states, South Carolina does not require a formal work permit for minors under the age of 18. However, employers have to follow South Carolina child labor laws of the state and of the country’s as well.

If you are employing minors in South Carolina it is very important that you know the federal and state labor laws. And age restrictions because If you are found guilty of violating them. It will be charged with criminal penalties and fined up to $10,000 for each violation. It is best for you as an employer in South Carolina to request that a minor employee obtain a certificate of age for official validation.

Employment Certificates, also known as Work Permits, are not required in order for minors to work under South Carolina law. While work permits are not required in South Carolina, the state Department of Labor issues Federal age certificates upon request for minors under age 18. 

Process For Obtaining a U.S. Work Permit

The application process for obtaining a U.S. work permit (also called an employment authorization document or EAD) is fairly straightforward. You need to fill out a one-page form, attach the fee, photos. And documents proving you’re eligible, and submit it to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

A minor in South Carolina who is seeking employment will need to present a legal document. That shows their age to their employer. For example, a birth certificate, an ID and so on, to prove he or she is a minor.

There is no requirement for a work permit, the minor just needs to find a job. As the federal government does not require work permits. Minors living in South Carolina do not have to obtain one prior to seeking employment in the state.

work permit SC( for foreigners)

A South Carolina worker’s permit or a work visa as they call it in the U.S, enables an immigrant or foreigner to legally gain access to permanent employment within the state. A work permit in South Carolina is usually issued by the state’s immigration officers or labor authority, but may also be issued by the U.S consulate.

A work permit or a permanent work visa is issued to a limited number of immigrants. As a foreigner, if you are not living in North Carolina on a permanent basis, you might not be issued one, it also depends on how eligible you are. If you want to live and work as a permanent immigrant in South Carolina, you will need to have a Green Card, which is an employment-related visa, and an Immigration Attorney who practices in South Carolina.

 Application process

Application processing is designed to process more than one type of transactions. To bring out the specific business results in one or more business functions. This processing is carried out once the transaction is processed for its validity.

By applying for a work permit in South Carolina it thereby means you are applying for a U.S work permit. The first step is to fill an application form, . This form is called a USCIS Form I-765. You can get this form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

After opening a tab of the website, search for the USCIS form, when you have found it. Read the entire form carefully then fill it out with the required information. And attach the correct documents, photos, and fees.

When you are done filling, send it by mail to the USCIS Service Center that serves the area where you live, in South Carolina. You can also submit it online if you don’t have a mailing address. Your application will be processed and approved if you meet up with their requirements.

If you are processing a work permit alongside a formal visa application. You will be interviewed at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country of residence. You will also be required to pay additional application and issuance fees and asked to present essential documents. After the interview and you are deemed eligible you will also be issued a residence visa and a work permit.

Fee attachment

When you submit your application form to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a fee is attached to it. The amount was about $410 as of 2019. But USCIS fee amounts go up frequently, so double-check the website for the latest. If you are requesting deferred action, you must also pay an $85 biometrics fee. It’s required to pay fees by check or money order if you mail in your application. But for that e-filing can pay by debit card, credit card. Or an electronic transfer of funds from a United States bank.

In Conclusion

Read More: Meanwhile, on this page you can find out more about this on Or maybe you have a question that has been bothering you from what you just read about Work Permit In South Carolina. Either way, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and I’d be happy to get back to you.

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