WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts for All WP Users New Edition
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WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts for All WP Users New Edition



WordPress user Right? the Good New is that WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts is the best way to make your awesome post once you have setup a Blog site and install on WP. We made it a point of Duty to make these WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts complete and available for all users. For Years we have been using these codes on our blogs and it have been a huge helper making our Publishing easy, secure and faster.

WordPress Keyboard

Meanwhile, you should recall as the Microsoft Office Suite Shortcuts have been helping you Enjoy you office suite free of charge to Microsoft Users. Now, comes this list of Complete WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts for better Blogging Experience.

  • Are you Blogging for Cash?
  • Are you an Affiliate Marketer?
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The Above list of Online users Needs these WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts to better their online Experience on the go. Here are the WP Codex The Editor Shortcuts you need …

WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts

The Editor’s Codex and Application with Configuration made easy to apply on the go right from your WP Dashboard;

When it comes to editing your site in WordPress, the secret to speed is all about the WordPress keyboard shortcuts! If you use your PC a lot, then you’re probably already familiar with keyboard shortcuts like ctrl + c to copy and ctrl + v to paste. And yes, I’m sure you already know that you can use those shortcuts in the WordPress editor as well! However, there are quite a few other handy shortcuts out there.


In this article, I’ll cover 60+ keyboard shortcuts you can use to maximize your WordPress efficiency!

Contents on this page

  1. Editor Shortcuts
    • Ctrl + key
    • Alt + Shift + key
    • Formatting Shortcuts
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments
    • Activating Keyboard Shortcuts
    • The Meaning of Selected
    • Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Comments
    • Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Perform Actions on Comments
    • Bulk Actions
  3. Comment, Appreciation and Code Request

The list of WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts

We all know that it’s not only windows by Microsoft is the only operating system which WordPress Site or Blog Users makes use of. For me and my group we make use of Both Windows and Mac OS to Writing and Publishing our Site contents. So, We will be giving you a list of Both Mac and Windows WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts.

Here are the list of 60+ WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts for your WP Publishing Enjoyment …

     Windows                                                                    Mac

  • Ctrl + a                         SELECT ALL               Command (⌘) + a
  • Ctrl + b                         BOLD                          Command (⌘) + b
  • Ctrl + c                         COPY                          Command (⌘) + c
  • Ctrl + I                          ITALIC                         Command (⌘) + l
  • Ctrl + k                         Insert/edit link              Command (⌘) + k
  • Ctrl + u                         UNDERLINE                Command (⌘) + u
  • Ctrl + v                         PASTE                         Command (⌘) + v
  • Ctrl + x                         CUT                             Command (⌘) + x
  • Ctrl + y                         REDO                          Command (⌘) + y
  • Ctrl + z                         UNDO                          Command (⌘) + z

The above shortcuts can be used in various other applications outside of WordPress as well. For example, in a Microsoft Word doc. These are just generic keyboard shortcuts that most modern operating systems and associated software applications will understand. Since these can be applied within your WordPress editor as well, you should have these memorized by heart. They can shave off hours of your time, just by mastering these 10 alone.

WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts For Comment Action

When working on the comment section of WordPress, you can also use keyboard shortcuts.

Note that you will need to enable this by going to Users »Your Profile and then check-mark the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox. It will not work otherwise!


With these, you luckily only need to remember the shortcut letter. For example, j and k are your navigational keys – moving you up and down through your comments list. Conveniently, they are the same for any system you are using.

j: Let’s you select a comment. Thereafter, you can use j to move the select to the next comment. You can also move the current selection DOWNJ will also take you to the next page of comments when you reach the bottom of the first page.

k: You can also use k to select the first comment. After that, when you press k, it will move the current selection UP. When you’re at the top of a comment page, pressing k will take you back to the previous page.

Once you have selected a comment, you can perform the following actions simply with any of the letters below:

  • a:      APPROVES your currently selected comment
  • d:      DELETES the comment or moves it to the TRASH
  • e:      Navigates the EDIT screen
  • q:      Activates QUICK EDIT for rapid inline editing
  • r:       Initiates an inline REPLY
  • s:      Marks the comment as SPAM
  • u:      UNAPPROVES the comment so it goes back into moderation
  • z:      RESTORES current comment from the trash.

Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to whizz around your comments by only pressing one letter per action. Easy, right? Press s for spam, e for edit, or d for delete – it’s very fast!

WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts For Bulk Action

These Below shortcuts let you perform actions on multiple comments for speedy cleanups all at once.

  • x:               You can use x to select the current comment
  • Shift x:       You can check all of the boxes
  • Shift a:       APPROVES the checked comments
  • Shift d:       DELETES the checked boxes
  • Shift s:       Marks the selected comments as SPAM
  • Shift t:        Moves the checked comment to the TRASH
  • Shift z:       Restores checked comments from the TRASH

The letters ads, and z are all the same single actions from the previously mentioned shortcuts – except with the shift command in front of it.

Working your comments should now be lightening quick. You’ve already learned 28 shortcuts! Here are a few more…

24 Advanced WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts

Note: If you are using Windows, you will need to press Alt + Shift before each letter below. If you are working on a Mac, you’ll need to press Ctrl + Option before each of the 17 letters and 7 numbers below.

  • a:      Insert Link
  • c:      Align CENTER
  • d:      Strikethrough
  • h:      HELP
  • j:       JUSTIFY Text
  • l:       align LEFT
  • m:     Insert Image
  • n:      Check Spelling (you will need a plugin for this option)
  • o:      Ordered List
  • p:      insert PAGE break tag
  • q:      QUOTE
  • r:       Align RIGHT
  • s:      Remove Link
  • t:       Insert More tag
  • u:      Unordered List
  • w:      Distraction Free Writing mode
  • x:      Add/remove code tag
  1. Heading 1
  2. Heading 2
  3. Heading 3
  4. Heading 4
  5. Heading 5
  6. Heading 6
  7. Address

The above are all incredibly useful and that brings our count to 52 shortcuts that make your life easier on WordPress! But why stop there? There’s 13 more to cover!

13 Formatting WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts

Learning this list below will just put you into the showing off category. You now will really know everything. You’ll be the master of the shortcut, a WordPress wizard. Time to format fast…

* Start an unordered list
Start an unordered list
1. Start an ordered list
1) Start an ordered list

##              H2

###            H3

####          H4

#####        H5

######      H6

`..`              transform text into code block

>                transform text into block quote

       horizontal line

Comment, Appreciation and Code Request

How more can we help you? …

Have you any issues Applying the above codes? …

These shortcuts are often under looked, yet it’s the next most important thing after choosing a fast and reliable WordPress web host, which I’m also adamant about. WP Engine is one of my top choices and you can follow their blog for more excellent tips and tricks on anything WordPress Just as we a enjoying Our WP Account after Setting up our Numerous site on WordPress!.

Our Comment Box is meant for you Apply and Request any of the WordPress Keyboard Editor Codex Shortcuts you wish to use but can’t see it or them on this page.

In Conclusion

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

Read More: You can find more here https://www.poptalkz.com/.

Note: You have more to gain on you asking more questions on WordPress Keyboard and more other work and study abroad like USA, Australia, UK and other developed countries are all on guidelines Here.

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