Top 5 US Investment Visa Sponsorship - Find Out The Easier Way.
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Top 5 US Investment Visa Sponsorship – Find Out The Easier One To Apply



US Investment Visa Sponsorship programs can give you the freedom to move to the US and call it home. Allowing you to live and work there with little hassle, if at all. But just because some visa sponsorship programs are more popular than others doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily better. There are many factors to consider when choosing which program best suits your needs. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular US Investment Visa Sponsorship programs and see what makes them so popular in the first place.

US Investment Visa Sponsorship

The US Investment Visa category is one of the most popular paths to the residence in the US. With around 3,000 visas granted every year under this program. It’s important to understand the different conditions that are attach to each visa in order to maximize your chances of success. In this article, we will take a look at five of the most popular options. And how they compare against each other when it comes to both eligibility and application requirements. So you can make an informed decision about which one suits you best.


Anyone planning to start their own business will likely face the same challenge. How to raise enough capital to fund operations? Although there are many different ways you can obtain funding. One of the most commonly-used methods involves applying for an investment visa sponsorship from the United States government. This article takes a look at the top five US investment visa sponsorship programs currently available and how you can use them to secure funds for your startup.

What is Investment Visa?

There are a number of visa options available for those seeking to live and work in America. To qualify for an EB-5 visa, a person must invest at least $1 million into a commercial enterprise (or approximately $500,000 in rural or high unemployment areas). There is also no set time limit for how long one can stay in America through an EB-5 visa; however, if you have any plans to eventually apply for permanent residence then you must start with an initial period of two years.

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However, in this process, you are require’s a standard minimum investment amount of $1 million. Therefore the minimum investment amount for investment in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) of $500,000. Moreover, they have to grant access to the state designations of high unemployment TEAs. Prior USCIS procedures for the removal of conditions on permanent residence.

What is Investment?

Investment is an asset acquired or invested in to build wealth and save money from the hard-earned income or appreciation. Investment meaning is primarily to obtain an additional source of income or gain profit from the investment over a specific period of time. Meanwhile, they are many requirements for a sacrifice of some present asset, such as time, money, or effort. In finance, the purpose of investing is to generate a return from the invested asset.

While getting started on your journey of investing might seem intimidating, there are a few paths you can take that don’t require years of experience or advanced degrees. In fact, if you have money and want to become a permanent resident, some investment-based visa programs may be just what you need.

For these types of visas, candidates must show they have sufficient funds to either make a large investment in a local business or purchase property worth at least $500,000 within 90 days of entering the U.S. At that point, if everything goes well (you are approved by Immigration and Customs Enforcement), then you’ll start building toward long-term residency status. If all goes well? You could get lucky! Here are some top-ranking U.S.

Top 5 US Investment Visa Sponsorship

The US offers a wealth of opportunities to skilled workers. But one of the most popular paths to get there is through its investment visa program. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the top 5 US investment visa sponsorship programs. And how they can benefit skilled workers and their families who want to work and live in the United States.

U.S. Investment Visas are one of the most popular visa programs available in the U.S. And with good reason—they offer excellent benefits to investors who are looking to live and work in the United States on an E-2 Visa. And may also be eligible for an EB-5 Visa (if they meet certain requirements). If you’re an entrepreneur and thinking about getting sponsored by the United States government, there are several visa types to choose from based on your immigration goals and personal situation. Below are the five most popular investment visa sponsorship programs, according to the U.S. Department of State.

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But which ones get the most applications? What are some of the best options for investing in these visas? Let’s take a look at five of them now, so you can decide which you might want to pursue in order to make your investment dreams come true.

However, here is the list of the top 5 US Investment Visa Sponsorship:

  • EB-5: Immigrant Investors
  • EB-1A: National Interest Waiver
  • L Visas for Multinational Executives and Managers
  • O Visas for Extraordinary Ability Pending Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, etc.
  • E Visas: Treaty Traders & Investors

1. EB-5: Immigrant Investors

However, the EB-5 Program is also known as the Immigrant Investor Program. Therefore, it permits eligible foreign investors who meet exact capital investment and job creation requirements, to obtain their permanent residency and become proud supporters of the U.S.

If you have $500,000 to invest and can show that your money will be used to create jobs in an area of high unemployment or rural economic hardship, you may qualify for one of these visas. Under a pilot program, $1 million is enough to bring your immediate family too. You are eligible if your investment results in at least 10 permanent full-time jobs in two years.

If it doesn’t—or if the visa is simply used as collateral—the amount invested is returned to you and family members lose their green cards. You’ll need a reliable job creation estimate from an independent source (i.e., not your own business) and proof that you can support yourself financially while applying for a visa.

2. EB-1A: National Interest Waiver

This category is reserved for investors who have invested $1,000,000 in a new commercial enterprise that employs 10 full-time workers. Additionally, your venture needs to generate at least two or three patents, licensing agreements, or other royalties.

Demonstrating substantial and continuous investment over five years will lead to your EB-1A application being approved. You can submit an I-526 petition concurrently with an I-485 application to waive any waiting period on USCIS action if you are otherwise eligible.

3. L Visas for Multinational Executives and Managers

L Visas are for foreign nationals working for a multinational corporation, a subsidiary of a multinational corporation, or foreign nationals working in direct support of an American company’s operations outside of their home country. Multinational corporations include companies operating across international borders (eg: Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble).

In addition to demonstrating that your company employs at least 50 people and has at least $500,000 USD in the capital (or any equivalent amount in foreign currency), you must show that you manage a significant function and have decision-making authority on behalf of your employer. Managers must have extensive experience and managerial skills. As you’ll see below, there are several other visa options available to managers as well. For more information about L visas, check out our full guide here.

4. O Visas for Extraordinary Ability Pending Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, etc.

Although there are few visas available for persons with extraordinary ability, one of these is the O-1. A person who has an extraordinary ability in science, education, business, or athletics may qualify for an O-1 visa, which is good for three years and can be renewed once. However, these applications often take a long time to be processed because they involve so much paperwork on both sides. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that it will work out—it all depends on whether a U.S. consulate believes you are truly extraordinary in your field.

Types of O Visas:

  • O-1A: individuals with an extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, or athletics (not including the arts, motion pictures, or television industry)
  • O-1B: individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry.

5. E Visas: Treaty Traders & Investors

E Visas has over 120,000 visa applications for treaty traders and investors that were received in 2021. What sets these visas apart from other investment programs is that they can be done on a green card or permanent residence application without additional burdensome requirements. Applicants are required to have an existing relationship with their own country’s government that allows them to negotiate a deal with a U.S. company and follow through on it.


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Within 3 years of investing $1 million, they can apply for a permanent resident card, which leads to U.S. citizenship within 5 years of applying (naturalization). If you’re interested in starting or buying your own business, but not sure where to start or what type of visa would best suit your needs, consider one of these options as part of your long-term strategy.

Types of E Visas:

What is Visa?

To get into a country, a person must have proper travel documentation. Travel documents are legal papers issued by a country to prove citizenship and identity. A visa is an official stamp placed in one’s passport (an official travel document) by a representative of that country. It is typically used to indicate permission to enter or leave that particular country.

A visa allows someone to stay in or move through another country for a specific amount of time. If you’re planning on going abroad, make sure you have a valid passport and know what type of visa you need. Visa is defined as to give a passport mark allowing one to enter a country. An example of visa is to give the authorization for an Italian citizen to enter the United States for travel.

Different types of US Visas

Visa allows foreign nationals to apply for a green card (permanent residence) if they invest money in an American business that creates or preserves at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers. There are two main ways of going about it: Direct investment – Applicants must invest $1 million in a U.S.-based business and create at least 10 full-time jobs for the qualified U.S.

Here are the list of the 8 different of US Visas:

1> Tourist or Business Visa

There are two types of visas that you may be eligible for as an immigrant investor: a tourist visa or a business visa. Different requirements exist for each one, and different countries require different types of visas for entrance. Visit your country’s consulate website to determine what type of visa you need. Typically, if you are going to invest large sums of money, you will be require to apply for a business visa.

However, if you want flexibility in your travel plans and don’t intend on spending more than six months in any one place during your initial entry into the country, then it may be best to get a tourist visa. Note that while they sound similar in nature, they have very different implications!

2. Ship Crew or Transit Visa

A crew member serving onboard a sea vessel or aircraft in the United States needs a crew visa. Crew members of an aircraft or ship that will be transiting through the United States or its waters generally use a combination transit/crew visa (C-1/D). However, in some cases, individuals may only require a D visa. If you’re going to spend more than 6 months of time in America and/or are not going to be a student or employee, it is possible that you may need an F1 visa (student) or J1 visa (exchange visitor).

The F1 visa allows you to live in America and study full-time; however, if your primary reason for coming to America is not for educational purposes (e.g., you are here to start a business or be employed). Then you’ll most likely have to get an H1B work visa instead. An H1B typically lasts up to three years and allows students under age 30 with Bachelor’s degrees. FEhat rom accredited institutions an easier path toward getting their Green Card.

3. Work Visa

A work visa allows people from foreign countries to live and work in America. There are many different types of visas, but one of the most common is an H-1B. Which makes it possible for skilled workers to come to America temporarily to fulfill a job that requires an uncommon set of skills. After obtaining a work visa, you can then file for permanent residency or a green card.

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If you have any interest in living in America permanently, making some type of investment can increase your chances of obtaining a visa. But where do you even start? Read on to learn about five great options that investors have when trying to obtain their own visa through their investments.

4. Student Visa

In April 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that it would begin processing applications for an optional practical training (OPT) extension up to one year prior to a student’s program end date. By extending OPT, students have more time to find a full-time job after graduation and more opportunities to gain valuable experience with their degree.

It also gives international students more time in the U.S., which often helps them get permanent residency (aka a green card). In some cases, international students can apply for extensions up to three years from their program end date.

5. Exchange Visitor Visa

(J-1) Business and Tourism:. The J-1 visa is a temporary exchange program that allows foreign nationals to come to America as visitors. In order to qualify for a business and tourism J-1 visa, you must intend to remain in America for no more than 12 months.

Foreign nationals who would like to engage in academic training. However, may apply for an additional three months’ stay under certain circumstances. An individual with a business or tourism visa will be allowed by law to engage in certain types of activities that are determined by consular officers in the U.S.

6. Religious Worker Visa

There are special sponsorship rules for religious workers applying for H-1-B visas. To qualify, your employer must have a bona fide non-profit religious organization in the U.S., and you must have been working for your employer for at least two years before applying for a visa.

Under these rules, you can be approve to enter in less than three months—or even on short notice if there’s an emergency need for foreign workers. This is a quick and convenient way to get into America to pursue full-time work with a legal sponsor.

7. Media and Journalist Visa

This visa is for international journalists, writers, media professionals. And others who are employed by a foreign media organization or foreign news agency. Applicants must prove they are qualified to work in journalism. Or a related field and that they plan to remain employed while working in the United States.

Their prospective U.S. employer must be designated by a foreign news agency recognized by the Bureau of Immigration Services or one that is affiliated with another credible U.S.-based news outlet; such as Bloomberg News, Associated Press, or Reuters. Applications for a Media & Journalist visa can only be made at an American Embassy or Consulate outside of the United States.

8. Domestic Employee Visa

If you’re looking to hire a full-time domestic employee, like a housekeeper or someone to take care of your children, there are three visa options available. Each has its own set of requirements and can vary greatly in price (from $2,000 to $10,000).

Be sure you choose wisely—unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to fall victim to immigration fraud. With so many different types of visas available for skilled workers who will be employed by U.S. companies abroad. Many people assume that once they get approved for an H-1B work visa they don’t need anything else; but it isn’t true!

In Conclusion

Five Investor Visas to Consider for U.S. Green Cards: With so many visa options available. You might be surprised to learn that less than 3% of all employment-based green cards are based on investment. And that’s out of more than 10 million people who apply each year. In other words, if you’re seeking an employment-based green card, there are no guaranteed methods to get one through work. But if you have a significant amount of capital (at least $1 million) and you want to live in America permanently. Consider applying for one of these five investor visas. It could give you an edge over millions of others hoping for the U.S.

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Although all five investor visas have some commonalities, it’s important to remember that each one is different. Each investment threshold must be met in full and on your own. So if you’re married and want to apply for an EB-5 through a joint venture. You’ll need two investments of $1 million each. Also, keep in mind that some business models are more complicated than others. And can take more time and money than expected. To find out if any of these apply to you. Consider meeting with a U.S.-based immigration attorney to discuss your options in detail. Prestige Immigration Washington DC Business Immigration Lawyer (202) 408-8890.

However, if there is anything you think we are missing. Don’t hesitate to inform us by dropping your advice in the comment section. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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