Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines Most Do Requirements & List
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Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines Most Do Requirements to Rapid Traffic



Need more Organic Traffic right? Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines is the best steps you have to take just as I did some Years back even last Weekend too.

But you can’t just submit to any search engine you just meet on the Web; Why? … not all are need just the few Top ranking Search engines and other Minor once will automatically give you unique Organic Traffic free of charge without any form of registration or other related cost of Search engine Submission tools.

Submitting Your Site


A search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Popular examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search. The information gathered by the spiders is used to create a searchable index of the Web. A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system. The search results are usually presented in a list and are commonly called hits. The most public, visible form of a search engine is a Web search engine which searches for information on the World Wide Web.

Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines

This section will show you how to go about submitting your website to the search engines and directories in the most efficient manner. If you have a web-based business or if a significant portion of your business is done on the web through your website, then the best advertising and marketing is done by submitting to a search engine.

No amount of press release, newspaper or radio ad, banner ad, spam email or newsletter will achieve the same results, although, maybe effective in a small proportion.


Beware of companies that promise automatic submission of your website to hundreds of search engines which are but only false promises. The best way to submit your website for search engine ranking and inclusion is to do it yourself or to hire an expert to do it manually, by contacting the search engine companies and directories.

Be Prepared

Before you begin to submit your website to search engines, ensure your website pages are thoroughly designed to the professional quality using the right key words, the right amount of keywords good graphics and pictures with “Alt” description tags and the relevant spell and grammar checked content.

Don’t submit websites or web pages that are incomplete. While submitting to a search engine, make sure to provide information about your website, keywords and any other information that may be pertinent, including the name and contact information of your business. Preparation will be discussed in more detail later.

What Will Site Submission Get You?

Mere submission to search engine companies does not guarantee that your site would be immediately listed and the ranking will be high. Because there are thousands of new websites coming up every day and it may take quite sometime before they take up your site for review by human editors.

Site Maps

One important factor to remember while submitting a site is to include a site map of your website which makes the crawling easy for the web robots. Search engines like ‘, or’ hardly considers submissions without sitemaps. (More on site maps in a later post here.)

Submission Software

There are many online companies that accept search engine submission services. You can choose to do it yourself with a software package and service like this one: Google Sitemap Generator free always.

Search Engines and Directories

Here is a list of the most popular Search Engines and directory companies:

Search Engine List:

  • AltaVista
  •, HotBot
  • Directories
  • AOL Search PositionTech
  • Lycos Open Directory
  • MSN, Yahoo!
  • LookSmart Snap

In addition to the above there are thousands of search engines and site directory companies, where you can submit your website to as many companies as possible. The following links gives info on other search engines and directories:

The Most Popular search Engines:

Free Listing

Free listing is available with some major search engines such as Google, AltaVista, and Webcrawler. As stated earlier, even after submission of your website, a listing is not guaranteed. Generally, it takes up to 2 to 3 months to be listed after submission.

A recent research concluded that the audience potential for websites submitted through free search engines is about 39%. Do not let that deter you. There are ways to get listed faster discussed later in this course.

Paid Listing

Some search engines charge a nominal fee for every URL submitted. You are more likely to get favorable results by submitting your website to a search engine with paid inclusion. AskJeeves, PositionTech, AOL, and LookSmart are the most popular search engines in this category.

Once you submit your website with these Search Engines, your website is most likely to be listed within a week. The Audience potential for paid search engines is 100%.

Search engines generally list pages of ten to twenty results per page. Most search items will return thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of results. Obviously the key is to get listed among the top results if you expect to get any appreciable traffic through your search engine results.

The Search Engine Submission services

There are two methods of submitting your URL to Search Engines. One is to use Search Engine Submission services such as “Submit it”, which is a part of MSN Central. The fee for submitting URLs using this service ranges from $79 to $299 per year.

Another is to submit your URL by submitting it individually to popular Search Engines and thus avoiding the fee charged by submission services. The prevailing counsel is that manual submissions should be made to the top five search engines or so and one could use automatic submission services for the rest.

It is possible to submit your URL to search engines for free. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that there are premium programs offered by some search engines that assure listing or provide better positioning in ranking.

Some use of paid listing programs is recommended if you wish to receive serious traffic on your website from the search engine. Paid Listing Programs are explained later in this chapter.

Free submission could result in much lower traffic, a low rank, positioning the results returned, and longer period of time before your website actually shows up in the results returned by the search engine. (That is unless you
have a few tricks up your sleeve.) Also there is no guarantee that your website would be included with these free services. To avoid these issues some search engines offer “paid participation” that guarantees high traffic and ranking for a fixed fee per year.

Formulating a Search Engine submission budget is crucial.

It should be such that you have the best possible combination of free submission, paid submission and paid placement programs for the absolute best results.

How much would you like to spend on this exercise? If the budget is limited, options such as some of the paid programs, advertisements, expensive directory listings will have to be forsaken and attention given to getting the best results from limited but focused efforts.

A Balanced Submission Plan

The key is to strike a balance between free and paid programs that yield maximum ROI. You should submit your website to all the free search engines such as Google, AltaVista, and WebCrawler, at least one paid search engine such as ($89 for submission of 3 URLs), and Yahoo Directory ($299 a year).

Apart from these, you should think of submitting your website to a couple of “paid participation” or “paid placement” programs such as Google Adwords and Overture, which are discussed later.


Google is probably the most widely used web crawler search engine. One way of letting Google automatically detect and include your web page URL is as discussed in the above paragraph. Submission to Google through its free listing program can be done using the Add URL form available at

Having mentioned that, there is no guarantee that Google would include a web page submitted to it by either of the free methods. Also, it might take as long as a month before Google lists your web pages. Google has advertising program called “Adwords” that offers you a combination of paid listing and positioning of your pages in search results. Paid listings in Google appear above and to the side of its regular results.m These are discussed in detail in the section on Paid Placement programs. Google allows maximum 5 to 10 web pages from a website to be submitted per day.

Free and/or Paid Search Engine Submissions

Other web crawler search engines with both free as well as paid submission services are discussed below. The free submission method for these search engines is very similar to those described in the case of Google. To submit a homepage using Add URL, you would have to use one of Position Tech’s partners. HotBot UK is recommended for this purpose.

The submission through the addurl feature is levied a penalty on ranking if that is the only way the page has been crawled. If the same page gets covered through normal crawling or through paid inclusion, the ranking penalty is removed. PositionTech has a paid submission program called “Search Submit” that charges a fee of $39 a year for your homepage. More web pages can be added for $25 per web page. After a year, if you do not renew the service, Position Tech might drop your homepage. Position Tech’s partners sell this program.

Entireweb allows maximum 20 web pages from each website to be submitted per day. Entireweb also provides Bulk Program wherein you can add thousands of web pages at a time. A small fee is charged each time someone clicks on your web page listing.

Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines free

The Add URL page for Fast Search: With this it might take up to six weeks until your web pages show up.

Fast Search’s paid submission service cannot be accessed directly by you. It can be used through its partner Lycos. The fee for this service is $30 for one year. Additional pages can be submitted at $12 per page.

Paid submission service –

Fast Search also provides Bulk Program wherein you can add thousands of web pages at a time. A small fee is charged every time someone clicks on your web page listing.

This is owned by Ask Jeeves (, one of the popular search engines. Like other engines, it has a paid submission program for a fee of $30 a year. Additional pages can be submitted at $18 per page. Paid service can be accessed at: Site Submit –

Fortunately, there are ways to verify and whether your site has been listed or not. This is described in the section on “verify and monitor listing”.

Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines no cost

Directories are very popular and are widely used by people as a source of information. Web crawler search engines may also have better chances of finding your website if it is listed with any of these directories. Most of the directories charge a fee for listing your website. Some sites such as Yahoo offer free submission as well.

An important aspect of submitting your website to a directory is to have a 25 word or less description of the website. This allows the web crawler search engines to efficiently find and include your website.

Yahoo and the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) are some of the most popular directory services on the World Wide Web. Yahoo provides two submission options: Free submission known as “Standard” and paid submission known as “Yahoo Express”. The free submission cannot be used for commercial websites.

Also, with free submission there is no guarantee that your website will be approved for submission.

Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines Paid

Submission of commercial websites can be done with Yahoo Express that has a fee of $299 per year. Although a majority of websites are accepted in this category, note that, paid submission also doesn’t guarantee acceptance of your website. It only ensures an answer whether your site was accepted or not. For non-commercial websites there is a one-time fee of $299.

For submission of free non-commercial websites you will have to fill up a submission form that is displayed once you click the “Suggest a Site” link at the bottom of each category. In case of paid commercial websites you would have to fill up the submission form that can be accessed at

Once your website is approved for submission, you can submit your website by using the “Manage” link at the top of each of the categories.

Having your website listed with Open Directory Project (DMOZ) is essential. It provides results to Google, AOL, Lycos and Netscape Search. Open Directory doesn’t have a paid submission service. Commercial as well as non-commercial websites can be submitted to Open Directory absolutely free of cost. This, however, has its drawbacks.

Submitting Your Site To The Search Engines Directly

There is no guarantee if and when your website will be approved for submission. Having mentioned that, Open Directory does generate high traffic for your website, once approved. Thus, submission to this directory is worth the uncertainty involved.

Submission can be done by using the “Add URL” link at the top of each of the categories. Generally, if your website is accepted, it would appear within the directory in about three weeks’ time. If rejected, there is no limit to how many times you can resubmit your website.

These are three most important Directories on the World Wide Web. Getting your site listed on each of these is a must as it can lead to a significantly large audience for your website.

Yahoo requires that you submit the Title, Description, Your name and Email for website submission, whereas Open Directory only require the Title and Description of the website.

Yahoo allows a maximum submission for one category per website; Open Directory allows a maximum submission for one category per URL.

FFA Link Sites NOT Search Engines

There are currently hundreds of search engines out there, most of them are not much more than an advanced FFA page. You can surely not submit your site to each of these. The best strategy to follow is to use automated submittal software as discussed earlier for the Search Engines that are less popular, while hand submitting to the top 10 Search Engines.

Beware of the ads such as ‘submit to the top 500 search engines for only $99’, because generally only the top 10 will drive traffic to your site. It doesn’t take much time to manually submit to these top engines and your $99 could better be spent on or buying ads in ezines or whatever.

At the moment the top ten search sites – meaning both directories and search engines account for just over 93% of all search engine traffic. The other 6.something% is made up of hundreds of sites claiming to be search engines. Even at that the 11th – 15th biggest search engines make up most of that figure. So what are the search sites you need to concentrate on?

List of the top search engines

Some of the top search engines are discussed above. There are a few others which are also quite popular. The following is a suggested list of search engines and directories.

  • (ODP)
  • (Fast)
  • (AOL, Hotbot, MSN + more)
  • ( Paid Inclusion

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Thanks and Enjoy more organic Traffic and you can learn more on SEO Tools and Obedience.

In Conclusion

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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