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Resources For Dried Herbs – Using and Preservation



The Resources For Dried Herbs are here for you to understand and better preserve you herbs on the go. On the page, you will learn all it will take to get 100% Resources For Dried Herbs. Preservation is the act of maintaining, protecting or keeping something in existence. An example of preservation is a land trust protecting a forest. An example of preservation is a jar of canned tomatoes. The act of preserving; care to preserve; act of keeping from destruction, decay or any ill.

Resources For Dried Herbs

Resource refers to all the materials available in our environment which help us to satisfy our needs and wants. Resources can broadly be classified upon their availability โ€” they are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources.


Meanwhile, here are some of the topics we have here;

  • Drying of herbs
  • Harvesting of herbs
  • Storing of herbs
  • Growing of herbs
  • Herbs in the kitchen

The Resources For Dried Herbs

There are times when the conditions we live in are just not right for growing every herb. This can cause for some disappointment but there is a solution. Many companies offer a wide variety of dried herbs to further enjoy your culinary experience.

You can order in bulk from some of the companies listed. Most of these companies also offer a variety of medicinal herbs as well as essential oils.


There is a great demand for the herbs because of the herbal remedies now being made known to the public. People are finding herbs can replace some over the counter medications and are considered much safer than the actual medicines.

Here are just a few of the companies which offer quality dried herbs.


Established in 1973, this company is the leader in the industry for their selection of dried herbs. San Francisco Herb offers herbs for culinary, potpourri, and medicinal use. They have loose teas and packaged.

There are spice blends for cooking, pickling, barbecuing, and all sorts of culinary experiences.


You can order bulk spices from Monterrey Bay. There are supplies for potpourri as well. You can find many different teas and spices in the pages of their catalog. Among other things, this company also has storage jars to keep your dried herbs fresh.


This company offers herbs and spices from all around the world. They have seasonings and blends for every culinary taste. You can order anything from allspice to vanilla pods. The selection is actually a little overwhelming. If you cannot find it here, you most likely will not find it at all.

More Resources for Dried Herbs and Spices – Homemade Blends

People, here’s the thing: we all do it. You pick up a spice intending to make some new dish that will dazzle…and you just don’t get around to it.


Or, you do, but then it wasn’t dazzling enough to become a regular thing and here it is six months or maybe a year or two after the “use by” date on the bottle.

And yet, we never throw these away. I found a bottle of some “chili spice” in my mom’s cabinet that dated from around the time of the first moon landing.

There’s probably something in my own spice cabinet older than small children I know.

So, one of these snowy days when you’ve done all the jigsaw puzzles you have and are sick of Netflix, take a box or bag over to the cabinet and begin. If it’s too overwhelming, just do one shelf.

I dump the contents and save bottles that can be reused.

Favorite DIY Spice blends

Making your own spice blends is fun. It’s a kick to have your ownย Chinese Five Spiceโ‡”ย powder on the next roast chicken or to sprinkle into your next fried rice. Or, make some of these killer spiced nuts.

DIY and better for you “Sazon”ย 

Make the best yellow rice, season grains, add to soups and sauces to bring some umami and color to a dish. This has turmeric, a bit of dried garlic, some kombu.

Turmeric – terrific for you with anti-inflammatory and other benefits. Turmeric can stand in for saffron in a pinch, but also stand on its own merit in many dishes.

Thanksgiving Spice

You may have heard of a spice blend called Bell’s Seasoning. I decided one year to make my own. It’s aย quintessential Thanksgiving fragrance, perfect on turkey, chicken or pork. Sage is the driving force of this one.

Fajita Spice

This is a blend I used when marinating meat for burrito or taco night. Making chili? Red beans? Toss it in! Great on pork, chicken, beef. It changes from batch to batch but always includes cumin, various chili powders like ancho, chipotle, and oregano.

Tuscan Herb and Garlic Salt

This one is a blast to make because your kitchen smells divine: rosemary, sage, garlic and salt. You’ll be singing like a Nonna and dreaming of Tuscany. I follow the recipe on Lynne Rosetto Kasper’s Splendid Table whenever I see great looking sage. Sprinkle this over beans, in soup, on a roast chicken. Simple to do, you simply chop all these fresh ingredients together with salt and let it dehydrate – or use your dehydrate function if you have one on your stove.

Quatre Epices

This sexy little blend enlivens lamb, beef or chicken. It’s a classic French blend of warm and slightly sweet spices. I follow Deb Krasner’s recipe (try her Red Barn spice, too) and bump it up to Cinq or five spices.


I add flax to the traditional sesame salt grinder common in Japanese households.

What is the oldest spice in your cabinet?

Drop me an answer in the comments and the oldest one gets a batch of my next custom spice blend!

In Conclusion

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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