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Rediffmail Email Login | Rediff Money & Shopping | How To Create Rediff Email Account



So, you Need to create a New Rediffmail Email Right? Then, take some secure action on Rediffmail Email Login Right too? You Need me on this page to guide you better to a secure location and Steps on Rediff Email at an official free email service portal Hear me out …

Rediffmail Email Login

Rediffmail is a web-based e-mail service provided by The service has around 95 million registered usernames. In 2006, Rediff launched an AJAX-based mail interface. Rediffmail also allows users to send and receive mails in many Indian languages on Microsoft Windows.


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What do you want from Rediff? … Mention it and I will help you with the direct solution free of charge no matter what it will cost me. Am here to serve you at no cost.

Where will you start from? … To be sincere, you need a Rediff ID or Rediffmail Email ID and the cool part comes that it is free of charge also I will guide you on

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  • Rediffmail Email Login
  • steps on Rediffmail Email Login Password reset
  • rediffmail Recovery

What is Rediffmail Email?

Rediffmail is a web based Free e-mail service provided by Currently, the service had around 180 million registered usernames. Earlier it was offering unlimited storage as well as access via POP3 and IMAP protocols.

However now Rediff offers 1GB of free e-mail storage per subscriber and It also offers mobile access through a dedicated Smart mobile application. Rediffmail is a web-based e-mail service provided by The service has around 95 million registered usernames. In 2006, Rediff launched an AJAX-based mail interface. Rediffmail also allows users to send and receive mails in many Indian languages on Microsoft Windows. In order to keep your order secured kindly enable TFA for your account, It is very important security feature. Two factor authentication gives you additional layer of security where along with password, OTP validation will be mandatory to access your mailbox.

Do you know? … If you didn’t make use of your Rediff account in 3 Month. then, you need to reactive or deactivate you account do to security reasons. isn’t that Cool?

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Ajit Balakrishnan is an Indian entrepreneur, business executive and administrator. He is the founder, current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, an internet company based in Mumbai. He was Chairman of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) for two five-year terms ending in March 2017.

Balakrishnan holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Kerala and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management with Master in Business studies (MBA) from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (1971). Balakrishnan’s first business was Rediffusion, now known as Rediffusion DY&R (Dentsu Young & Rubicam), which he co-founded when he was 22. In 1995, he founded, which became a highly successful internet site, and was listed on NASDAQ in 2001.

He writes a column in Business Standard and has written a book published by Macmillan Publishers called The Wave Rider. He has co-authored a research paper, Generic Framework for a Recommendation System using Collective Intelligence, with Alkesh Patel which was presented at the International Conference on Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, 2009. Balakrishnan served as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIM Calcutta for two five-year terms ending in March 2017.

Presently he serves on the Governing Council of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). He was named Chairman Emeritus of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Ajit Balakrishnan has served as the Chairman of the Govt of India, Ministry of Information Technology Working Group on Internet Governance and Proliferation. He chaired a Committee appointed by India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development on ‘Research and Faculty Enhancement at the 7 IIMs’. He has served as a member of the Central Advisory Board of Education of the Government of India.


How to Create Rediffmail Email Account

You few steps to learn on this page for the steps below are the summary and secure steps you need to create a new Rediff email Account;

  1. Launch a Rediff App or a Web Browser and Visit or Click
  2. Tap on Create a Rediffmail Account to proceed
  3. Fill the Registration form as;
    • Full Name
    • Choose a Rediffmail ID
    • Choice of Password and Confirm
    • Alternative Email Address
    • Country Code and Mobile Number
    • Enter Date of Birth
    • Select Gender
    • Select Country and City you live in
    • Enter the Robot Text Code shown above
  4. Tap on Create My Account to Submit your Rediffmail Account ID Request

Now, you make Rediffmail Email Login Account as Below.

Rediffmail Email Login Account Access Steps

Do you have a new or old Rediffmail Email Account ID? Here’s the steps on Rediffmail Email Login Account;

  1. Go to and Tap on Sign in to Proceed on Rediffmail login my page on the go
  2. Do fill in the login for as follows to access account;
    • Enter Username
    • Enter Account Password
  3. Tap on Go to Login Account

Can’t you login your account on the go

Rediffmail login password | Rediffmail login password Recovery/reset

I can’t access my Rediff account again on the go can be of the following reasons;

  • Forgot Rediffmail Account Password
  • My Rediffmail Password is correct but incorrect
  • Can’t remember my Rediffmail Username
  • My Rediffmail username is incorrect

Here are the steps on Rediffmail login password reset/recovery in a blink of an eye;

  1. Access and Tap on Sign in button to proceed
  2. as you have tried to login and it was unsuccessful then, tap on Forgot Password to reset your account Password
  3. Enter your Alternative email and tap next to proceed
  4. Confirm it’s you by Adding the verification code sent to your Email to Verify account ownership
  5. Now, you get New Password of your Choice.

From this moment you can always login Rediff account with the new password.

Rediff Money | Rediff Shopping | Rediff Latest New

You have an account here right? Access Rediff and Login to you Account to make your Shopping and New with Business Tip and archive lively on the go.

  • ✓Shop Online for Smart Products
  • ✓Get Latest News in India
  • ✓Live Cricket Score
  • Bollywood News
  • ✓Real Time Stock Quotes.

People also ask about Rediffmail

  • What type of account is rediffmail?
  • Who is the owner of rediffmail?
  • Is Rediff Indian company? is an Indian news, information, entertainment and shopping web portal, founded in 1996 as “Rediff On The NeT”. Site Ranking by Alexa No. 24 in India today

  • How can I add my rediffmail account to Gmail?

What is the port number for rediffmail? In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server box, type “” Kindly Note: When accessing Rediffmail Pro from behind a proxy server, kindly check with systems administrator to make sure that Port 110 and Port 25 are open so you can successfully access your mails in Outlook Express.

How do I set up rediffmail on my Iphone?

  • iPhone IMAP configuration
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. On the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    3. Tap Add Account.
    4. Select Other.
    5. Tap Add Mail Account.
    6. Select IMAP.
    7. Enter your Name, email Address, Password, and a short Description for your email. Tap Next.
    8. Enter ‘‘ as the incoming mail server name.

How do I set up rediffmail in Outlook? Outlook is a Microsoft Email but you can set your new Rediffmail using Microsoft Outlook as Choice of email or Alternative email for account security purposes.

Alternative Email service provider to Rediff Email

We have the guide for the Top 5 Free email service providers,

  1. Gmail by 
  2. Ymail by 
  3. QQmail by 
  4. YanMail by 
  5. Outlook or Live or Hot Mail By 

In Conclusion

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Note: You have more to gain on you asking more questions on Rediffmail Email Login and more other work and study abroad like USA, Australia, UK and other developed countries are all on guidelines Here.

Hope this was helpful? Yes or No

Enjoy your Rediff Account!

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