Design a Facebook Avatar of your Choice and Share to your Profile
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Design a Facebook Avatar of your Choice and Share to your Facebook Profile | Guidelines to Create the Avatars



If you have seen an avatar in other peopleโ€™s profile then this is the right time to create or designย  a Facebook avatar of your choice and share to your Facebook profile. I know you might be wondering how you can be able to create such avatar pic and share to your profile, well this post will provide guideline for us to do so.

Design a Facebook Avatar


The world evolves and so do many changes that follows suit, Facebook is not left out judging from the recent changes they made. The Facebook world offers us a lot of basic information and ideas through the various platform or medium where everyone can easily air their views. Therefore, Facebook does not only help us to keep in touch with friends, it also helps us to get more updates. Most people spend part of their day in Facebook especially during this lockdown.


In addition to that, Facebook creates an avatar where someone can actually design a tool to look like them but in cartoon form. Also, you can use this avatar to comment on some post in Facebook and they you can build them to express a certain mood. Amazingly, a user of avatar can still share their carton figure to friends, stories, profile picture and chats. They can also use the avatar in other social mediums like the Instagram, twitter and Snapchat.

However, you have to know what an avatar is all about. Some people mistake emojis for avatar which is not right. So what does this avatar comprises of physically: the avatar shows hairstyles of any color, face, and dressing pattern. The steps to get this avatar in a form you really like is very easy and so you need to relax and read the post carefully.

Cartoonish figure of some social networks

This is what they are called (Facebook– avatar, Snapchat– bitmoji, Apple– emoji). These social network already know what their cartoon figure should look like and how they can be used to make chat more interesting.


Furthermore, if you have the avatar well created in your Facebook app then you can use it in the above social mediums. Also you can use the avatar in your desktop, laptop and iPad anytime.

The Facebook avatar is just a figure representation of the user, some see it as a figure for gaming platforms.

They give a small representation of the profile that makes use of it, in the Facebook world is no longer a must to put in your profile picture, you can upload the avatar or another picture in the profile.

So letโ€™s quickly look at the steps to Design a Facebook Avatar you have been craving for.

Steps to Design a Facebook Avatar

Below are the simple and basic steps to create it


The first thing is to make sure tat you are using the Facebook latest version because tat is where it will be more effective.

Operating on the Facebook low version will not provide the features that will make the designing of avatar possible. So you can do this by downloading the latest version in your play store or apple store.


LOG IN (Design a Facebook Avatar)

This is not a new thing because we all know how to log in to our Facebook account, however you can do that through your email or phone number and password.

Therefore after getting the latest version for Android users and apple users, this stage is to log in to your account.


If you have been using your Facebook for long then you already know the three lines that appears inside the app either at top right or bottom right corner.

If you do not notice about this then for android user, inside your Facebook account look at top right you will see three lines icon.

Then, for the apple users, you will log into your Facebook account and then the three lines will be at the bottom right corner.

NOTE: the three lines I extensively mentioned here contains the menu options in the Facebook app.


This stage is very explainable and from the name, you have to tap on the three lines and the menu option displays.

Then you scroll down and when you see this button: โ€œsee moreโ€ then click on it. Once you do tat the avatar option will display and you tap on it too.


This is the button you press once you have clicked on the avatar option and then you get started to create the avatar of your choice.

Design and create the avatar in a way that suits your taste because you are the one that will still make use of it.


This is the moment we have been waiting for, here you have to create the avatar with the display features you see on the screen.

Remember everything you are doing here is customized by you, so fix in the features the way you want it.

So here are the features you have to do to make a good avatar:

  • The first is to start with your avatar skin tone, choose a nice one.
  • Next is the hairstyle section: you can choose short, medium or long hair style for your avatar.
  • Choose eye color and eye brow shape for the avatar.
  • Face shape and face lines should be on the list and you should select it too.
  • Also, put in the nose and mouth.
  • Again, you can select if you want the avatar to wear glasses or rub a lipstick.
  • Then choose the avatar body shape and clothing pattern you want.
  • Finally you can choose to select a hat or scarf for the avatar.
  • Click on the check mark icon at upper right corner to proceed once you complete the design.
  • NOTE: you can also edit the avatar after creating it but you should a good reorientation figure of what you want.

TAP ON NEXT (Design a Facebook Avatar)

This is the final stage after you are done with creating the avatar the way you want it, tap on next and Done button.

The avatar you designed will be generated and then ready for use.


Here, you can use or share the avatar in your Fakebook feed, you can also select it as profile picture. The avatar will also be available in the stickers option for you to use anytime.


Finally, you can use the avatar in comments by tapping on the smiley button on the right hand side, then select your avatar and make comment. You can start making your own Facebook Avatar by heading to the comment composer in the Facebook app or Messenger app. From there, tap the smiley button, then go to the sticker tab, and choose โ€œcreate your avatar”. It’s that easy! You’ll notice a range of options, including for hairstyles, complexions, and outfits.

In Conclusion

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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