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Campminder Login Jcc/ What Is Campminder?/ What Is Jcc? And More About Them



Campwise is a comprehensive camp and/or conference center package that provides software for camp registration, conference/guest groups, donor, online staff and Point of Sale for the camp store, activity scheduling, medications/nurse app and check-in app. At CAMPWISE we love to serve.

Campminder Login Jcc

Campminder LLC is located in Boulder, CO, United States, and is part of the RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Recreational Camps Industry. Campminder LLC has 55 total employees across all of its locations and generates $6.89 million in sales (USD). It means the CampMinder Software Products (including the Online Forms) developed, deployed, and delivered by CampMinder, including, among other things, underlying software and applications.


The JCC movement started in 1854 when the first Young Men’s Hebrew Association opened its doors in Baltimore to provide support for Jewish immigrants, help ensure Jewish continuity, and to provide a place for celebration. Newfound prosperity propelled many Jews to the suburbs in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

Campminder Login Jcc

Follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Go to the Campminder Login Parents page via the official link below.
  • Step 2. Log in using your username and password. The login screen appears upon successful login.
  • Step 3. If you still can’t access Campminder Login Parents then see Troubleshooting options here.

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The Companion mobile app

It allows parents to connect with their child’s camp experience through a personalized stream of content. The Companion app connects parents to camp like never before, with Face Finder, Microposts, Photos, Letters, and more.

It was built by CampMinder, the summer camp industry’s leading technology provider. For nearly two decades CampMinder has worked to strengthen summer camps through education, technology, and streamlined business management.

CampMinder’s camp management system is designed to help camps operate at peak efficiency, including systems to elegantly manage registration, forms, reporting, financials, staffing, health care, activity scheduling, transportation, fundraising, and more. As the most comprehensive business management platform ever engineered for summer camps, CampMinder is trusted by over 900 camps worldwide.

What Is Campminder?

At CampMinder, we build beautiful, intuitive, web-based systems to streamline summer camp business operations. Since 2001, CampMinder has been an industry leader serving over 900 camps and 500k+ campers throughout the United States and beyond.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, CampMinder cultivates a purpose-driven, values-led culture. Our #1 priority is employee engagement. Engaged employees bring their best selves to work which helps create a powerful experience for our clients. That’s why our mission is to foster a world where work is fulfilling and life is fun – for the employees, camps, and families we serve. Learn more about our nationally recognized culture at

CampMinder is a cloud-based camp management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It offers solutions for online camp registration, camp staffing, integrated health care facilities, transportation, attendance, fundraising, and more.

CampMinder enables parents

CampMinder enables parents to enroll their children into camps via online forms and registration methods and post messages including videos, photos, and news from their specific accounts to the platform’s online community. Additionally, it provides unified person record (UPR), real-time notifications, financial administration, health record-keeping, cabin and group assigning, and fundraising modules for camp directors, which helps track information, collects groups, handles cabin requests, manages staff, and streamlines donation processes.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices are also offered by the solution that allows users to remotely manage their business activities. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis and support is extended via phone and other online measures.



CampMinder helps to facilitate all aspects of running our camp. It’s an integral tool for all members of our year-round team, as well as our seasonal staff. Things I love the most. 1. The People. The support at CampMinder is top-notch. Help is a phone call or a ticket away, and the CampMinder folks are dedicate to developing not only software solutions but relationships with their clients.

2. Functionality. I believe that CampMinder is easy to learn, easy to use, and can do almost anything I need it to when looking for info on a camper, parent, or staff member. I find this system to be intuitive and walk you through the steps you need to be successful.

3. The Continual Growth. CampMinder has been through several versions since its inception and the team there is always looking to make the lives of us camp folks easier. They ask the right questions and do their best to deliver.


Making the system more smartphone-friendly for forms and payments as well as the registration would be something our camp parents would suggest. The system uses a lot of bandwidth because of its massive abilities, and while this is a positive, in very rural settings it can be a negative at times as well.


My least favorite part of it is that the setup for our particular camp programs does not pull enrollment from the overall capacity, so we have had to set up a system outside of it to manage our programs. This is because we run 3 programs in every session and the programs don’t communicate with overall capacity. We hope this will change soon. We’re also anxious for parents to be able to set up their own autopay options without our staff needed to manage these choices internally.

What Is Jcc?

JCC (Jewish Community Center or a Jewish Community Centre) is a general recreational, social, and fraternal organization serving the Jewish community in a number of cities. JCCs promote Jewish culture and heritage through holiday celebrations, Israel-related programming, and other Jewish education. However, they are open to everyone in the community.

The JCC Association is the continental umbrella organization for the Jewish Community Center Movement, which includes more than 350 JCCs, YM–YWHAs, and campsites in the U.S. and Canada, in addition to 180 local JCCs in the former Soviet Union, 70 in Latin America, 50 in Europe, and close to 500 smaller centers in Israel.


JCC Association offers a wide range of services and resources to help its affiliates to provide educational, cultural, social, Jewish identity-building, and recreational programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. JCC Association supports the largest network of Jewish early childhood centers and Jewish summer camps in North America and is also a U.S. government-accredited agency for serving the religious and social needs of Jewish military personnel through JWB Jewish Chaplains Council.

Some JCCs provide services for people with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. In 2008, The Mandel JCC of Cleveland was award $652,500 in grant funding to be use for individuals with disabilities.

Cleveland-area children and adults with emotional, physical, and developmental disabilities now have many opportunities to get involve in fitness, wellness, and recreational activities. Whenever possible, activities are inclusive and children are able to fully participate, usually with the assistance of an aide.

As a rule, today JCCs are open to other ethnic groups as well, with a possible exception of strictly traditional Jewish activities. In fact, many JCCs sponsor local events. There are, however, many other activities that anyone can host at the JCC.


There are almost a dozen Jewish community centers inside the NY metro location, supplying an extensive variety of social, cultural, and educational services, ranging from lectures, concert events, theater performances, and dance recitals to health and fitness lessons, process schooling workshops, and citizenship training.

Even though the majority of JCCs are found on the East Coast, with 17 websites in Florida, JCCs perform in many different groups. for instance, California has 17 locations—8 inside the San Francisco Bay area and 9 scattered thru Southern California—and the Chicago metropolitan place has 10.

Nearly all of the most important metropolitan areas inside the U.S. now have at least one JCC, and a handful of smaller communities also have places. JCCs everywhere in u. s . a . sponsor film fairs and ebook gala’s, bringing international-renowned writers and administrators to smaller groups.

Their programs and activities vary by location

Their programs and activities vary by location. Particularly noteworthy is the JCC in West Bloomfield, Michigan, which is the largest JCC in North America, and possibly the world. The Holocaust Memorial Center, which attracts many visitors to its programs and exhibits, used to be a part of the JCC of West Bloomfield, but recently opened a building of its own.

The West Bloomfield JCC houses two gymnasiums which can be made into three gyms using a movable wall, a workout area, an indoor full size, and kiddie pool, an outdoor full-size pool, a kosher restaurant, a Michigan Jewish war veterans museum, and an inline hockey center, a library, ceramics/art rooms, a large multi-purpose room (Handleman Hall), an art museum, an area dedicated to teaching and learning about tzedakah (charity) called Shalom Street, a performing arts theater in the basement, a preschool, offices for summer camps, the previously mentioned preschool, and other administrative offices and organizations.

The top floor is completely dedicate to The Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Academy of Metropolitan Detroit, a Jewish High School which open in 2000. The JCC building is on the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Jewish Community Campus along with multiple living quarters for the elderly and mentally disabled and an Alzheimer’s treatment building.

A significant addition to the family of JCCs

A significant addition to the family of JCCs in North America is the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan. This eleven-story building situated in Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood opened its doors in the winter of 2002. Therefore,  JCC offers a diversity of programs, from parenting to fitness and wellness, and each year the organization produces four-week-long film festivals, an all-night Tikkun Leil Shavuot, a New Year’s Day fitness fair, and an annual Symposium on Positive Aging.

The JCC features multiple centers dedicated to segments of its community, including the Jack and Shirley Silver Center for Special Needs, the Bert and Sandra Wasserman Center for Family Life, the Selma and Lawrence Ruben Center for the 20s + 30s, and the new Wechsler Center for Modern Aging, for those aged 60+.

The Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC of Staten Island

However, in 2011, the Joan and Alan Bernikow JCC of Staten Island installed solar panels as part of a solar thermal system. Therefore, solar panels are expect to reduce 27,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of planting two acres of Douglas fir trees every year.

Its two dozen 10-foot solar panels will keep the building’s hot water at a constant temperature of 180 degrees. Up next is the installation of a photovoltaic system, which will use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. This is part of JCC’s vision of environmental sustainability, which benefits the community both ethically and economically.

In Conclusion

The Robert & Dorothy Ludwig Schenectady JCC became well known for their “million likes” photo that went viral in less than 48 hours. The photo showed three of its camp staff holding a sign that said “Our boss said that if this picture gets 1,000,000 likes that our summer camp can get an outdoor movie screen.” In less than a week the picture received over 300,000 likes and it was one of the most successful uses of social media ever by a JCC.

However, if there is anything you think we are missing. Don’t hesitate to inform us by dropping your advice in the comment section.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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