American Visa Sponsorship 2021/2022 How to Gain US Green Card Award
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American Visa Sponsorship 2023/24 | How to Gain US Green Card Award



American Visa Sponsorship Application Guide – Where, When and How to Apply for US Green Card. Are you a Citizen of any Developing and underdeveloped Countries of the World? … Yes; You should Know that you are Eligible for the  American Visa Lottery and now you will get to gain your Easy and Full Approval if only you can the right steps which are detailed here.

American Visa Sponsorship


However, discover Free America Visa Lottery. Find Quick Results from Multiple Sources. Discover Quality Results. Explore the Best Info Now. As The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes 50000+ diversity visas (green cards) available annually in a lottery. There is no cost to register for the DV Lottery … On this page, you will learn when, where and how to Apply for US Green Visa Card and More you will make a free registration and once you follow the guide your Approval will be awesome. You can Proceed here its free …

American Visa Sponsorship Program

The Guardian and Recommendation @ is what will guide you on any of the online visa sponsorship programs you need to gain approval.

Meanwhile, you will Find out Instant Quality Results on how to Get American Visa Sponsorship Program. Discover Quality and Best Guide you have to study, Live or work Abroad. Meanwhile; all these are free with the help of Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program Agency.

Also Get More Related Info on the Available Scholarship and Job Sponsorship Programs which are Powerful Guides and Very Easy to Apply.

Meaning you will have more to gain on this page and more you can Proceed with your registration and the below instructions explains >>> Start your Application below … and ask Questions for more guide by joining our Free email Subscribers today >>>

Basic Benefits of American Visa Sponsorship Program(USA Visa)

There are lot of benefits that will follow the winners of the 2022-2023 American Visa Lottery Applicants:

  1. You Can Live in USA(Free Citizenship)
  2. You can Study with Grants and Sponsorship
  3. US Green Card can guarantee your Workspace abroad

Point to Note: The U.S. Embassy announces the opening of the 2023 Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV-2023) for 2023/2024 section. Often called the “Green Card Lottery,”.

However, you can Proceed with your Registration just as this page and Paragraph Below describe: The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process from the blow Instructions:

American Visa Sponsorship Program Forms

What’s new here?

  1. American Visa Lottery
  2. Green Card Requirements
  3. US Visa Lottery demands
  4. Countries eligible for American Visa Lottery
  5. Application Proceed
  6. How do you Ask for Sponsorship
  7. Recommendation
  8. What is Visa sponsorship
  9. What you Need to gain Easy and Full Approval
  10. Demand and Application Link

This annual U.S. government-sponsored program makes more than 50,000+ immigrant visas available worldwide. Meanwhile, it is open to persons from countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, African Region, Asian region and other Part of the World except U.S Citizens with lower rates of immigration to the United States.

Recall as we said earlier; this Application process is free and program requirements are simple, but strict.

Just on the Applicant site;

Applicants who apply for a Diversity Visa but do not have the required education or training experience will not qualify to immigrate to the U.S. Applicants should check the requirements at dv-lottery state gov to make sure they qualify before applying.

Moreover, all applications must be submitted electronically. Applicants may apply at or green card service anytime during the registration period and are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last week of the registration period to enter, as heavy demand may result in website delays. No entries will be accepted after noon on November 7, 2023.

Note: For more information about entry requirements, along with frequently asked questions about the program, please see the below instructions for the DV-2023 Diversity Visa lottery at the Official DV Lottery State Gov Portal Below.

However, Applicants will not receive notification letters by mail, email or phone. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to check this website for notification of lottery selection Above.

Just as there is no fee to apply. Winners (only) of the Diversity Visa lottery pay a fee directly to the U.S. Embassy for their Clearance on the day of their visa interview.

When registering for the lottery, applicants must print and save their confirmation page with their unique confirmation code in order to check the status of their entry. Applicants must take care to keep this page; the Embassy cannot replace this confirmation code. 

More on American Visa Sponsorship Program Processing:

On Approval, DV-2023 entrants will be able to use their unique confirmation number to see if their entry was selected via the online Entrant Status Check website below.

Successful entrants will receive instructions for how to apply for immigrant visas for themselves and their eligible family members. Confirmation of visa interview appointments will also be made through Entrant Status Check.

All entrants should keep their confirmation number until September 30 and December 7, 2023. whether they are initially on the selection list or not. Do well to start you American Visa Sponsorship Program Application Now from this Form above:

My advice for this Visa Lottery Applicants:

Diversity Visa applicants should remain vigilant for fraudulent emails, websites, and letters claiming to be part of the application process. These are in use by scammers posing as the U.S. Government in an attempt to extract money.

Meanwhile, Applicants are to report any instances of fraud related to the DV Lottery to the official email and website on this page. Applicants are reminded that there is no fee to apply for Diversity Visas, and the U.S.A. Government does not request any payments via email or letter.

How To Get A Sponsorship Letter?

Getting a sponsorship letter is a long and point by point measure. Usually, the business employs a legal advisor to deal with the cycle. Documentation and defense ought to be precise. Here are a portion of the means followed:

The initial step requires the representative to get a proposal from a US business. This likewise incorporates the agreement that goes into the sponsorship archives.

For a non-settler Visa, a Labor Certification must be created to the Department of Labor, expressing that the business couldn’t locate an appropriate possible worker inside the nation.

The request, alongside the reports, is submitted to the USCIS. This arrangement of documentation incorporates contracts, agendas, capabilities of the individual, and the preferences.

With the accommodation of the apparent multitude of vital records, the USCIS measures the Visa sponsorship application. This takes some time, contingent on the all out number of forthcoming cases with the USCIS. Some of the time, it takes a long time for the application to be prepared.

In the event that the application is affirmed and the report is positive, both the business and worker will be educated about the equivalent. As of right now, the worker can begin the genuine Visa application measure in their nation of origin, with the US Embassy.

In the circumstance that the application is dismissed, once more, the business and worker are educated likewise. This additionally incorporates the explanation behind the dismissal, which could be the absence of representative capability or deficient documentation.

List of American Visa Lottery Eligible Countries

Meanwhile, this list are Based on Continents and the Countries Under them. However, Once you Country is among this list you can Proceed with your American Visa Lottery Application Blow:

  1. All African Countries
  2. European Countries
  3. Oceania, (North, South, Central) America and The Caribbean
  4. All  Asian Countries

Meanwhile, you should also Note the following:

Natives of the following Asia Region countries are not eligible for this year’s diversity program:

  • Bangladesh and Vietnam
  • India and Pakistan
  • South Korea and Philippines
  • China (mainland-born)

Great Britain (United Kingdom) includes the following dependent areas:

  • Anguilla and Bermuda
  • British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands
  • Falkland Islands and Gibraltar
  • Montserrat and Pitcairn
  • St. Helena and Turks
  • Caicos Islands.

However, Applicants will not receive notification letters by mail, email or phone. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to check this website for notification of lottery selection.

Natives of the following European countries are not eligible for this year’s DV program: Great Britain (United Kingdom).

In North America, natives of Canada and Mexico are not eligible for this year’s diversity program.

  • Antigua and Barbuda and Argentina
  • Belize and Barbados
  • Bolivia and Chile
  • Costa Rica and Cuba
  • Dominica and Grenada
  • Guyana and Honduras
  • Nicaragua and Panama
  • Paraguay and Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uruguay and Venezuela

Countries in this region whose natives are not eligible for this year’s diversity program:

  • Brazil and Colombia
  • Dominican Republic and Ecuador
  • El Salvador and Guatemala
  • Haiti and Jamaica
  • Mexico and Peru.

How do you ask for sponsorship?

Once you are willing to gain a sponsorship Program Approval, there lost of other factors you should be Looking on to as a Student, Worker, or Businessman or even for Citizenship. Moreover, Here are the list of factors you should consider when asking for a sponsor:

  • Have a great sponsor proposal.
  • Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone whose life you changed.
  • Describe what you do. This is your mission statement.
  • Benefits.
  • Describe your demographics.
  • Create an advisory board.
  • Ask for the money.
  • Promise deliverables.
  • Don’t sell yourself short.


Once you have finish reading the instructions and Guide on this page above and below, you should start with the Application Process which is easy and you can start it now right from your Device.

However,  we recommend that the only way to officially apply for a green card lottery is to apply online at the US Department of State web site which is below this page.

What is Visa sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship available means an employer, Organization or Government of  a Country is willing to obtain a work, study or citizenship visa for highly-qualified candidates who live outside the United States. To be eligible for visa sponsorship, employers, Organizations or Government agencies must show that they were unable to fill their vacancies with qualified American workers, student Programs or Citizenships.

The online form that you fill, Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, that is available only during the DV open registration period. meanwhile, You can not download the form and fill it out so you must fill and submit everything online.

What You Need to Do Always

Here are some Guides and instructions you should Always perform during any online registration:

  1. Always maintain one profile
  2. Read any instruction given carefully
  3. Make use of the recommended document type during upload like PDF, Doc, etc.
  4. Review your Application before Final submission because some Application can’t undo after first Submission.
  5. Make use of Effective and Active Email Address for notification
  6. Always Join the forum or email subscribers for updates
  7. Do contact the Visa, scholarship or job or other online portal directly from the Contact us page.
  8. Ask question and try to make suggestions to learn more.

Maintain one profile –

Do you know what it means for your profile to gain approval? .and in return, you don’t have the complete documentation for easy verification. That’s is you should always make use of correct and legal details for easy approval and claim of your award.

Read All instructions carefully –

Here is the best detail you need to know and once you get all you need on the go from the instructions you can start your application at once.

The use of Recommended document format like PDF, Doc, etc.

This matters a lot and once you make your submission with the formats of the document in the instruction you will gain easy approval.

Review your Application before Final submission –

It’s very easy said than done and you should know that it’s not all applicants keeps to this rule of checking the application form for corrections before clicking the submit button.

Make use of Effective and Active Email Address for notification –

Check your email daily for more information that will help you to gain approval.

Always Join the forum or email subscribers for updates –

This will let you best on making use of active email for every online or offline Application/registration.

Ask questions and try to make suggestions to learn more –

Never presume you know it all even when you just finished reading the full instruction. Make it a point of duty to contact the sponsorship portal for more guide.


Note: Not everyone will gain this Award that is while you should make your Application very neat and exceptional but in any case you find difficulty with any of the instructions, make use you join our free email subscribers to get your update in the final step(s) to take.

What More to gain from a Visa Sponsorship

The benefits of sponsorship Program to applicants today …
  • raise brand awareness and create preference.
  • create positive PR and raise awareness of the organization as a whole.
  • provide attractive content for a range of products and services.
  • build brand positioning through associative imagery.
  • support a sales promotion campaign.

Note: You have more to gain on you asking more questions on American Visa Sponsorship and more other work and study abroad like USA, Australia, UK and other developed countries are all on guidelines Here. Hope this was helpful? Yes or No. Also get he below Right.


The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process on us visas state gov from the below Guide.

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